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Apr 02 2012

Varric Rules


One of my commenters made me remember the coolest guy in modern video games.

Apr 02 2012

“God” Loved/Hated Rock Beyond Belief

The first Atheist event in a military context ever. Rain poured from the sky as I ran from a Wallmart to my rental car, my new raincoat in hand in preparation for Rock Beyond Belief.  When I arrived on post, Justin Griffith, Richard Dawkins, and a full bird colonel were engaged in a press conference …

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Mar 06 2012

My Leave Hath Been Approved For RBB


Game on Today I got my leave approved for heading to Ft. Bragg for the wondrous, free, and open to public event that is Rock Beyond Belief. Ed, you owe me beers (for no particular reason) and Justin owes me absolutely nothing (never take from Soldiers). But if one of you can get Richard Dawkins …

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Feb 19 2012

OP Brown

A silent night. I just got done with sitting on a ridge line for 2 days. We sat on a windy ridge, huddling together against the bitter wind and whipping snow. We watched as artillery rounds rained down in the valley before us. Night fell. We attached our night vision goggles to our helmets. I …

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Feb 11 2012

Online Palm Reading

I get email. So this gem just popped into my inbox. Hello, I was browsing the web when i saw your site freethoughtblogs.com, and when i look at it, Enjoyed the content, would you mind if I offer you to have a link exchange site PR 3 (reciprocal link exchange – Page PR-2) with my site, …

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Feb 11 2012


Two more blogs join the fold. Let me take a quick moment to welcome two lovely ladies into the growing horde of fellow bloggers. Everyone check out Biodork and Libby Anne on her blog, LoveJoyFeminism. Freethought Blogs, more atheism than you can shake a stick at.

Feb 06 2012


The Army has sent me to do Army things for the next month(ish) and my access to internet will be limited. I’ll see everyone on the far side.

Jan 27 2012

Alaska Airlines Ends Prayer Card Service

In response to customer reactions, airline axes mixing prayer and air travel.  Two days ago Alaska Airlines broke with thirty years of tradition by ending the practice of distributing “Prayer Cards” with meals out respect to company’s diverse group of consumers and their many faith traditions or lack thereof. What I find interesting is that …

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Jan 20 2012

We Are All Evil Little Things


Support Jessica Ahlquist’s college fund and get a sweet T-Shirt. Since the completely predictable and unavoidable judicial order removing the prayer banner at Cranston High, Jessica Ahlquist has been on the receiving end of an awful lot of harassment. So let’s show some solidarity with Jessica and declare that like her, we are all “Evil …

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Dec 31 2011

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012. This should be a busy year; the Presidential election, important Supreme Court cases, certain world destruction as predicted by the Mayans, a paid vacation to Afghanistan, and most importantly Mass Effect 3 gets released. Happy New Year everybody! Also Happy Birthday Greta Christina!!!    

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