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Dec 12 2011

All time low for Lowe’s

Home improvement store pulls ads from Muslim reality show. The Florida Family Association knew something was fishy about the show “All-American Muslim.” The family portrayed on the reality show was clearly living a lie, unlike the real Americans portrayed on the “Real Housewives of whatever-ville” or the standup personalities featured on “The Jersey Shore.” This …

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Dec 09 2011

Glen Beck Freaks Out Over South Korean Skyscraper


Because everything in the world must revolve around Beck and the United States, no exceptions. On my morning drive to work, I put down my book on tape on my trusty Kindle and decided to tune in to the Glen Beck radio show. Amid selling GBTV and yet another stadium public performance, I could tell …

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Dec 05 2011

Christmas is for Everyone, Except for Obama

Right Wing attacks President Obama for relatively modest holiday vacation. Presidential holiday vacations are usually both uninteresting and long. Bush and Regan both routinely took 20 or more days of vacation during the holiday season, which is more than most people get, but less than others. For example, I get 30 days this year (Woohooo …

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Dec 02 2011

The War on CHRISTmas: The Battle of Chicago


Fox reporter issues apology for claiming Santa is not real. As the bullshit “War on Christmas” continues, the religious right has let it be known that they are not fucking around. Not only will they continue to fight against any heathen bastard who dares to mock the creator of the universe during this season of …

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Nov 09 2011

Islamaphobia and Islamists

The devil is in the details. One last post before getting out of dodge. I have written several articles about Islamaphobia in American, the Arab Spring, and Islam inside the Middle East. Sometimes earing the ire of the Far-Right for my views. But today I took some time to watch fellow FtB blogger Maryam Namazie …

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Nov 08 2011

Right-Wing Facebook “Themis” Looms

So you will never have to see dissenting ideas ever again. Most of my readers will be familiar with Conservapedia, the ultra-right online encyclopedia created when Wikipedia was deemed to be overrun with reality’s “liberal bias.” Now the Koch brothers have announced their intent to set up a social networking site for like minded individuals. …

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Nov 06 2011

Another Douchebag Florida Lawyer

First it was Jack Thompson now Larry Klaymen. The founder of the conservative watch group, Judicial Watch, is now on the verge of getting his privilege to practice revoked in a second state. The Florida Bar has released a public reprimand to Klayman for failing to provide services that he was paid for…in advance… to …

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Nov 02 2011

Conservative Bloggers Get Trolled


Right Wingers Quote Satirical OWS Story. FreedomBunker.com, AdventuresInCapitalists.com, SayAnythingBlog.com (North Dakota’s “Most Popular” blog), Rick Perry, and others recently got trolled. Hard. Anxious for any news to belittle the Occupy Wall Street movement, conservative writers jumped on a satirical piece published one week ago by Mark Schatzker, a writer for Toronto’s Globe and Mail, thinking …

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Nov 02 2011

Fox Force Five: Where Spin Happens

The Five Spin Income Inequality. Every night at midnight chow (or as I call it ‘lunch’), My fellow officers of my little group (The Knights of Liberalism/ Obama Brown Shirts; depending on who you ask) sit around one of the few TV’s to watch the Fox News program The Five. Our Intel guy watches it …

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Nov 01 2011

Beck and I Agree

The 5th Sign of the End Times. The Blaze has posted an interview that Glenn conducted with Texas Gun Shop owner Crockett Keller over Keller’s refusal to teach any non-Christians, liberals, Arabs, or Muslims in conceal and carry classes offered at his store. Beck took Keller to task over his blanket condemnation of 1.5 billion …

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