Dennis Terry Tosses a Monkey Wrench, Santorum Spews to Downplay It

American is a Christian Nation!

While Dennis Terry is a “respected” voice amongst Rick Santorum’s conservative base, it probably was a bad idea to have a recordable media device at any event where both men should meet. Thankfully there was and hilarity has ensued.

Dennis Terry delivered a heartwarming introduction of Mr. Santorum:

“If you don’t love America, If you don’t like how we [conservative evangelical Christians] do things. I have one thing to say. GET OUT” [Read more…]

Jesus In Space

Jesus’ irrefutable role in the final frontier.

First and foremost, WorldNutDaily is linking to an article in slate where the author has made the logical conclusion that John Carter is a VERY Christian movie, because fighting aliens is clearly a Christian allegory. The movie does seem to pick up on a few points of the Christ myth…as it does the Osiris myth… and dozens of other deity stories.

Secondly, the story about the unfair religious persecution of David Coppage made it onto POTUS this morning. Coppage, as you might recall, was fired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Coppage claims that the reason for his pink slip was that he supported Intelligent Design.  The “Discovery” institute is hoping that this case will go beyond the actual issue of employment and slides into an argument about ID, let’s hope it does not. [Read more…]

Limbaugh Fo-Pologizes

Somehow Rush blames Liberals for his liable of Sandra Fluke.

When I am going out for lunch I normally tune into AM talk radio so I can soak up how those on other side of the political spectrum view issues. I caught Rush on day two of the Sandra Fluke story. He was venomous in his relentless and wall-to-wall attacks and I began to wonder why he was spending so much time on the issue. Clearly, he is not obsessed with lady parts. In my opinion, Rush’s actions significantly impacted the Republican position in the contraception debate, and not positively.

In America, the Religious freedom position is politically tenable although a position of last resort. Remember that in the end days of Slavery and Jim Crow the Religious Freedom argument was brought forth and even today the tactic is used in defense of in-defendable Intelligent Design, among other issues. The Republicans might have held the debate if they stayed on target with the RF position despite the Democrat’s protests. That is, of course, Rush started to talk about Sandra Fluke. [Read more…]

I Love my Uncle but, Newt Hates Him

Medina Valley Independent School District settles prayer case, Republicans surprise no one by flipping out.


My Uncle, Federal Judge Fred Biery, is a badass. Last June, he waded into a particularly religious area of small town “Real America” Texas and smacked down the overt proselytizing that had pervaded the Medina School District. Yet, as Fred executed his duty to uphold the tenants of the constitution, members of the political right used his completely unsurprising ruling to fan the flames of Christian “repression” ( Help, Help, I’m being repressed).

Newt “Moon Base” Gingrich was especially blood thirsty as he tried to reassert his conservative credentials, trying to keep his election hopes afloat despite the rising tides of Santorum after the results in Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Newt called Fred an “anti-religious, dictatorial bigot.” Which makes complete sense as Fred continues the proud tradition of the Biery clan. A family that has done nothing but turn out District Attorneys, Federal Judges, civic servants, teachers, and combat veterans since WWII. So clearly my family is a bunch of hippie, communistic shitbags. I am getting a little sick of having my family name, which is not too common, being said with vehement disdain by the likes of Beck, Gingrich, Rush, et all. [Read more…]

Eye of the Lawsuit

Newt Gingrich has be sued for violating copyright in pursuit of his integral montage.

Yesterday Rude Music Inc, owned by Survivor’s songwriter Frank Sullivan, sued the Republican Presidential hopeful for violation of copyright. Sullivan alleges that Mr. Gingrich has been prefacing many of his appearances by blasting the song “Eye of the Tiger” before going on stage without first licensing the song since 2009.

Other politicians have similarly earned the ire of musicians with differing political views but, given the double digit lead that Mr. Romney has gained in polling it may be time for Mr. Gingrich to pick a different song anyway.

(Source: CBS News)

Sign This Thing Right Meow!

Paradise Valley High School wants signatures? Then FINE we will give them signatures!

Update, the preamble of the petition has been updated:

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support. I never imagined that the petition would gain so much attention. However, this whole situation has been a large misunderstanding between myself and the administration.

I never meant to shed Paradise Valley in a negative light. PV is an accepting community of diverse students and staff. I have met with my principal and this situation has been resolved.

The misunderstanding was completely on my end of things. Again, thank you all for your activism and support.”

So the requirement seems to be a case of miscommunication but, in the end the kids are getting their club, huzzah. [Read more…]

Birther PAC

Unlimited money to promote unlimited stupidity.

The Minuteman organization, a loose collection of civilians who both advocate for greater border security and watch the boarder themselves, has formed a Political Action Committee. In addition to promoting immigration reform and socially conservative policies, the PAC has added another large plank to their organization; they are birthers. [Read more…]

Dead Kittens

The side effects of American Politics.

I believe most Americans are unsettled by how vehement our political discussion frequently gets. Occasionally the seething pot of hatred +1 boils over and something sad happens. This is one of those times. Sometimes the event makes us all step back, if only for a second, and pontificate on all the politically biased bile we all too often spew at each other. This will probably not be one of those times. [Read more…]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Press Pool

Fame, fortune, and a pseudonym.

There is a weird tale unfolding between writers for both The Daily Caller and Mediaite, a tale of two egos, it appears and Fishbowl DC has been covering the blow by blow. The incident’s genesis was when Mediaite’s White House correspondent, Tommy Christopher, calling the Daily Caller’s correspondent, John Pool,  a “homophobic piece of shit.” While the comment against Mr. Pool has merit judging from Pool’s past remarks, John is not taking the comment lightly.

Both reporters are now doing their best to destroy each other and perhaps tarnishing their own reputations in the process. Both accuse each other of habitually brown nosing their way up the journalistic ladder in hopes of one day joining the Punditcracy. Interviews have since been published and the beltway crowd is ablaze at the reality TV quality entertainment unfolding right before their eyes.

Now John Pool has tossed down a gauntlet of sorts. [Read more…]

What Randall Terry Wants You to See at the Superbowl

Anti-abortion advocate exploits federal law to run graphic ads.

By running in the Democratic primaries, Republican Randall Terry has found a way to push his biggest issue onto the TV screens across at least one state. And just one look at his campaigns website will clue you into what that issue is; abortion.

He has already bought “nearly 10” ads in Minnesota. The kicker is that the federal law in question will allow him to run his ads completely uncensored, so viewers will be treated to a montage of pictures of aborted Fetuses. I remember all the controversy over the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, so I am somewhat incensed that Mr. Terry’s ads will get played. While he does have the freedom to do this, I await the fallout after his videos air.

(Source: Talk 2 Action)