Jesus In Space

Jesus’ irrefutable role in the final frontier.

First and foremost, WorldNutDaily is linking to an article in slate where the author has made the logical conclusion that John Carter is a VERY Christian movie, because fighting aliens is clearly a Christian allegory. The movie does seem to pick up on a few points of the Christ myth…as it does the Osiris myth… and dozens of other deity stories.

Secondly, the story about the unfair religious persecution of David Coppage made it onto POTUS this morning. Coppage, as you might recall, was fired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Coppage claims that the reason for his pink slip was that he supported Intelligent Design.  The “Discovery” institute is hoping that this case will go beyond the actual issue of employment and slides into an argument about ID, let’s hope it does not. [Read more…]

Thanks Technology

Texas buys military grade UAVs for police use.

I have a love hate relationship with UAVs. They are an amazing tool in the hands of the military, particularly when employed against forces that lack sophisticated knowledge of high end electronics and programming.

But even enemy forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere have made strides in interfering with the operations of drones. Most notably a $28 dollar hack that let insurgents pull the feeds that were being sent unencrypted and allowing them to redeploy their forces out of danger before friendly forces could act. We have seen Narco-cartels, hackers, scientists and private citizens use drones for their own purposes. It was just a matter of time that the police would eventually use some. [Read more…]

Anonymous Takes On Mexican Cartels and Takes Down Pedophiles

We are Legion.

One of the trickier places to hide on the internets is the Tor network, a volunteer run distributed network that allows users to bypass some measures of internet censorship and monitoring. But it has never been as clever as its users hoped. Traffic going into and out of the network can be intercepted and read, despite promises of anonymity. If you are just using Tor net for benign reasons, then you are safe enough under the “school of phish” rule. But, say if you were using the network for moving around vast amounts of kiddie porn, you stick out. [Read more…]

U.S. Drone Fleet Infected

Somewhere, a foreign intelligence service officer is getting mad props

The U.S. Fleet of Predator and Reaper drones are infected with an ingeniously wipe resistant key-logger virus. This is bad news for my team. The best that civilian news sources can figure is that the virus was introduced via removable hard drives at Creech Air Force Base, the Central UAV hub for both the CIA and the Air Forces intelligence missions (CIA operations drones are based somewhere else). The virus is proving difficult to remove, resisting multiple removal efforts. [Read more…]

Prove Conservapedia Wrong…With Your Wallet

Not that it is ever to prove them wrong on anything

You, as a dirty atheist, are not charitable!

So you can do two things. Either covert to a religion of your choosing and cough up some cash for the collection plate OR you could click on the donors choose contribution thingy on the right side of my page and help contribute to the education of some students. You decide!

Support the Teachers in Texas

Assassin Actual’s Contribution to FTB’s Donors Choose Drive

Free Thought Blogs collection of the reasonably godless is kicking off its pledge drive in support of!

If you happen like my inane ramblings on this blog, then I implore you to contribute on my Donors Choose donation page. I have selected a number of projects to help out various teachers in Texas, especially after Rick Perry drastically slashed their budgets. Even after years in their profession, teachers make less money than I do and have a harder job. Like me, they have to pay out of pocket for many items for the kids under their care. So it’s time for us to step up and help out.

The first project I would like to see fully funded is Ms. Hollingsworth’s “Learning from Graphic Novels.” She wants to plant the love of reading in her students with a class set of Rapunzel’s Revenge, something that I think would be cool.

So click here to donate to Ms. Hollingsworth’s project and others from my donation page! [Read more…]

Science Lets Deaf Woman Hear Her Own Voice

Who needs miracles when you have science?

Sarah Churman has been deaf all of her life, but no longer. Recently she was given an Esteem implant, created by Envoy Medical. The device, planted in her inner ear, converts sound vibrations into electrical stimuli capable of being deciphered by her brain.

Her husband recorded Sarah’s first reactions with the device and posted it on YouTube.

Go Science!

(source: CNET, Technically Incorrect )


Conservapedia Article of the Day: Relativity

I love Conservapedia, when the Lenski Dialogs happened I stumbled on the congealed hatred of a website through the blow by blow coverage on New Scientist. Through it, I found the insanity of the website’s content and it’s moderators, the humorous and insightful coverage of RationalWiki (on army computers Conservapedia is readily accessible and RationalWiki is blocked, fuckers), and had the thankfully deceased TK (an infamous slimeball of a moderator) threaten my RL career repeatedly.

One of Andy Schlafly’s biggest hang-ups is the Theory of Relativity due to his linkage of the scientific concept with Moral Relativity, which he abhors. In his mind, because Moral Relativity is evil, the scientific theory must be a liberal lie perpetuated on society in order to bring about socialism (he really does think that). Just look at his long list of counter examples to the theory or his wiki’s statement that all current examples of the theory in use are lies while using software that relies on relativistic principles to coordinate real time posting and location updates.

So I present to you, perhaps for the first time, the Theory of relativity according to idiots.

Political aspects of relativity

Some liberal politicians have extrapolated the theory of relativity to metaphorically justify their own political agendas. For example, Democratic President Barack Obama helped publish an article by liberal law professor Laurence Tribe to apply the relativistic concept of “curvature of space” to promote a broad legal right to abortion.[61] As of June 2008, over 170 law review articles have cited this liberal application of the theory of relativity to legal arguments.[62] Applications of the theory of relativity to change morality have also been common.[63] Moreover, there is an unmistakable effort to censor or ostracize criticism of relativity.[64]

Physicist Robert Dicke of Princeton University was a prominent critic[65] of general relativity, and Dicke’s alternative “has enjoyed a renaissance in connection with theories of higher dimensional space-time.”[66] Despite being one of the most accomplished physicists in the 20th century, Dicke was repeatedly passed over for a Nobel Prize, and in at least one case Dicke was insulted by the award being granted to others for contributions more properly credited to Dicke.

There has been little recognition by the Nobel Prize committee of either theory of relativity, and particularly scant recognition of the Theory of General Relativity.


The Jungle, yet another book Michele Bachmann has apparently not read

Has your food recently been missing that extra kick? That lil’ bit of old country taste that only occasionally made your brother contract that infection that then killed him. Well, Michele Bachmann wants to bring back that missing ingredient, being rat shit and other contaminates, by eliminating food regulations…

It’s the same bullshit republican justification of the private sector implementing self-regulation, which rarely happens because as Bachmann accurately pointed out, they reduces profits. That being the point of regulation, to force bottom line oriented companies from always acting like irresponsible children. I know most of this rabble rousing by the right is just that, talk, and probably would not be implemented if the right takes the White House in 2012. But it still makes my black heart all the blacker every time I read this stuff. Thankfully we don’t have FOX “news” running 24/7 at this TOC (Like we did in our last) or else the Army would be out another TV.

10,000 Bucks to Prove Michele Bachmann is not Lying… and no takers

If you are a responsible health conscious young woman then you may have already completed the vaccination course for HPV. My mother, an anesthesiologist, sent my sister to get the shot as soon as it became available, as didmy girlfriend. In fact, I found myself lauding Rick Perry for once some time ago when he attempted to mandate the vaccination in my home state of Texas, although like many progressive ideas in the Lone Star state it was quickly defeated via bureaucracy.

As Greg Laden’s posted video at X-blog explains, Michele Bachmann recently inserted her foot right into her mouth by pushing a claim that the vaccine caused mental retardation in one individual. Penn & Teller’s Bullshit already covered the fallacy of this argument in detail in the 10th episode of their 8th season. Even if her claim was substantiated WHICH IT IS NOT, it would be both tragic and statistically irrelevant. The one case of a negative reaction would be outweighed by the thousands of women who are now protected from cervical cancer.

However two professors at the Universities of Minnesota and Pennsylvania, bioethicists Steven Miles and Art Caplan respectively, are confident that the presidential candidate is (like normal) lying out of her ears. How confident you ask? Enough to put their money where their mouths are to the tune of 10,000 smack-a-roons for evidence backing up Bachmann’s wild claim and so far there have been no takers.

What really grinds my gears is how Michele Bachmann has tried to slither out of her latest debacle. She claimed that she was not making the comment as a doctor (I thought she was a doctor), nor as a scientist, and that she was merely passing on the information. And that sums up Michele Bachmann, she can pass on utter bullshit without even caring enough to do any critical thinking or analysis of her own, which is such a glaring failure of leadership it makes my head spin half a world away.