All time low for Lowe’s

Home improvement store pulls ads from Muslim reality show.

The Florida Family Association knew something was fishy about the show “All-American Muslim.” The family portrayed on the reality show was clearly living a lie, unlike the real Americans portrayed on the “Real Housewives of whatever-ville” or the standup personalities featured on “The Jersey Shore.” This Muslim family was a plant, pure and simple. An insidious plot to destroy America as we know it via a clever Leave it to Beaver approach.

The Florida Family Association was shocked by this trojan-horse portrayal of a normal American family but, thankfully the FFA soon recuperated and went on the offensive in the name of glorious freedom. They encouraged other sound minded persons across the nation to help defend America from imminent defeat at the hands of the enemy. [Read more…]

Islamaphobia and Islamists

The devil is in the details. One last post before getting out of dodge.

I have written several articles about Islamaphobia in American, the Arab Spring, and Islam inside the Middle East. Sometimes earing the ire of the Far-Right for my views. But today I took some time to watch fellow FtB blogger Maryam Namazie give a speech in Copenhagen (The video can be found on her post entitled “Simplicity is killing us”).

She spoke about how some in the left have been hesitant to criticize Islam due to a perception that any such criticism is seen as racist, to which I have asserted that the far right’s claims of “Creeping Sharia” in America are racist. This deserves some explanation from myself. [Read more…]

Crockett Keller Doubles Down and Anon Update

Muslims “have sworn the annihilation of the United States.”

The Texas gun instructor Crockett Keller had given another interview. The stupid burns too hot for me to write anything more on this lest my head starts smashing against the keyboard until I get yet another concussion. Think Progress has the story.

[Read more…]

Al Jazeera English on OWS

Well versed from the Arab Spring, AJE devotes a section to OWS.


Al Jazeera English has been covering the events of the Arab Spring in great detail, giving each country a section where live blogs are created and maintained, social media is congregated, and commentary is provided. This had led to some of the best reporting of events in the region. Everything from the stance of Islamists to post regime change politics is covered in detail. I mean, how many of us are aware that in Egypt, former political opponents of the deposed president might be restricted from voting because they a technically criminals? [Read more…]

Beck and I Agree

The 5th Sign of the End Times.

The Blaze has posted an interview that Glenn conducted with Texas Gun Shop owner Crockett Keller over Keller’s refusal to teach any non-Christians, liberals, Arabs, or Muslims in conceal and carry classes offered at his store.

Beck took Keller to task over his blanket condemnation of 1.5 billion people as all being terrorists. He then implored the Texan to judge each individual by their merits rather than being a member of a certain social group. However, his streak of humanity did not include Liberals, which remained a point of levity and common group between the speakers. [Read more…]