Conservative “Family Values” Politician Pedophilia Case #128,731.5

At least there is a twist of sorts… completely crazy, but a twist.

These days, before one runs for office, you take the time to get vetted. Lest political scandals arise as your opponent digs into you. So when Linda Wall, a republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, decided to run, she knew she had a problem.

That problem is that she is an admitted pedophile, which one would assume would lessen the likelihood of a successful political campaign, but there is a twist. [Read more…]

Joseph Farah Confuses Free Speech with Free Enterprise

He is doing it wrong.

In the wake of the Hyatt of Sugarland, TX not wanting to have a bunch of “Radical” (they toss that word around so much, so why not me) anti-Islamic speakers talk at a Tea Party convention, presumably to not negatively  impact the corporation’s international image, Pamela Geller and now Joseph Farah have cried foul. Their Free Speech™ haz been violated! Oh NOES!

First and foremost, free speech does not have to be granted on private property. The owner has every right to tell anyone they want to get the hell out of their establishment whenever they so choose (We reserve the right to refuse service). The only caveats are American anti-discrimination laws. While Mr. Farah might feel like he is being discriminated against, it is still perfectly legal to discriminate on the basis of one’s speech being blatantly offensive to persons not inside Farah’s delusional minority. I would recommend going to OWS, but there are Muslims there, so that won’t work. A Park maybe, nope Muslims there do, but now I’m starting to digress. [Read more…]

Aww, Your Hate Group Is Hurting for Money?

The first email from E. Delgaudio that made me smile.

I somehow end up on all sorts of weird ass republican mailing lists, despite slamming the de-subscribe button like it was a damned codeine dispenser. Today’s email from Eugene Delgaudio’s “Public Advocate” USA, a rabidly anti-homosexual special interests group, was a keeper.

Allow me to share:  From the letter entitled “It’s Painful to Write,”

My office is in trouble.  And I need your help.

Fat chance… [Read more…]

Pulling No Punches at Occupy Wall Street

The Blaze Reaches

The right wing continues to be in OMGWTFPWN mode against Occupy Wall Street. Pulling every bit of negative media it can and highlighting the hell out of it. From  the homeless taking advantage of free food (OWS is communist), highlighting one douche bag’s anti-Semitic remarks (The right never says anything bad about Jews), and pointing out relentlessly that the kids protesting have sex and smoke pot (I’m sure no Republican kid would ever do that *cough* Bush’s kids and Bush II *cough*). [Read more…]

Prof. Green Reviews Barton’s Drive Though History

At least David Barton got the name right

We all know that drive through is no match for a decent meal at a restaurant or a well done meal at home. You have more time to savor the meal and can give greater confidence in the meal’s content. The same applies to history. David Barton wants you to ignore that home cooked nine course meal and not take the time to savor the mouth watering smells. Instead, he wants you to eat his shitty little cheeseburger and be quick about it. [Read more…]

NAR Prays to “Silence” Talk 2 Action

Prayer, doing nothing for ages…

The NAR doesn’t like bad press, especially if that bad press attempts to lure the innocent into an alternate reality where religious pluralism is not one of the New Apostolic Reformation’s most cherished beliefs. So to the correct that terrible injustice, NAR has declared that is possessed by the devil and must be silenced through the power of JEEBUS! [Read more…]

Faced with Campaign Failure, Bachmann Drives On

“Full power to the defector shield! PREPARE TO RAM BY GOD!”

If Bachmann was a Captain of a space ship, that ship would be battered, barely functioning, and plunging towards a gravity well (if she believed in gravity wells ),yet the brave Captain is doing her best to keep the ship sputtering forward, if only to launch one more  feeble salvo. Campaign staffers have abandoned ship by the score, not wanting their records tarnished when the ship finally goes down and the evil liberal pirates board with laser-cutlasses in their teeth. Poll numbers are sinking to dismal levels, despite the chief engineers best attempts at getting anymore power out of that cracked beryllium core. Campaign offices have been closed as her staff pulls back into the few decks not suffering explosive decompressions from the endless bombardment coming from all sides. [Read more…]

Rachel Tabachnick Responds to Peter Wagner’s Appearance on Fresh Air

How Peter Wagner avoided the unflattering truths behind NAR

I love Fresh Air, but Terri Gross in not the best at getting guests to reveal what they would rather not. She is remarkably civil and that is one of her best qualities. Several times during the interview, you could feel how much she wanted to peel away the layers of belief held by Mr. Wagner yet she refused to do so. I understand her hesitance, when she got too close Mr. Wagner was sent into uncomfortable silence. He looks like a kindly old man and to destroy one on a national program is not Terri’s style.

Perhaps she would have pressed deeper if one of the younger prominent members of NAR had been the interviewee. Perhaps they sent Wagner to the program for that reason. But I have never claimed to know the mind of a crazy fundamentalist (only to mock it). [Read more…]