The Wrong Route

Scientology tries to weasel its way into the minds of the disenfranchised during the year of protest.

The Route Out. On the surface, this website appears to be nothing special. The site, at first glance, is just another bland political action site attempting to raise a “grassroots” movement out of “nothing” with a heavy handed organizational structure.

The Route Out is smothered in Americana, quotes and images from founding documents abound. The wording of the site’s overarching message is so whitewashed, mundane, and apolitical that Tea Partiers and OWSers nodded along with the message, even if it is pretty simplistic. [Read more…]

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Baby boomers go to Seminary.

 I think this is good news. Apparently the fastest growing demographic attending Seminary is now old people, defined as persons over 50. While my initial feelings are that this may be linked to the propensity of persons to find religion as they close in on death but, maybe there is something else at play. Maybe, just maybe, this could be a result of the younger generations becoming more secular and not needing the invisible being in the sky. [Read more…]

Death of a Salesman

Wife of televangelist Eddie Long files for divorce as Long’s career crumbles.

You know, in the grand scheme of things there are not a lot of televangelists in the world. But boy oh boy do they always seem to get into trouble, perhaps disproportionately so. I don’t know if that is true, but someone should do a study. I guess it’s the trifecta of fame, sex, and power. The great tri-force of greed caught another man of god while I was gone and the fallout is settling. Eddie Long, you were a bad boy. [Read more…]

The War on CHRISTmas: The Battle of Chicago

Fox reporter issues apology for claiming Santa is not real.

As the bullshit “War on Christmas” continues, the religious right has let it be known that they are not fucking around. Not only will they continue to fight against any heathen bastard who dares to mock the creator of the universe during this season of peace, but they will devour their own for the slightest infraction against the collective.

[Read more…]

Victory Through Superior Billboards

American Atheists reveal their holiday billboard, Christian eyes forced to something they don’t like, hilarity ensues.

Even before American Atheists’ latest billboard is hung in New Jersey on December 11th, extensively to poke a little fun at god and perhaps lure a few more pho-Christians over to our side of the fence; some Christians are not pleased. The billboard (picture below the fold) displays pictures of Jesus, Poseidon, a Satan-like fellow, and Santa Clause and will implore persons commuting through the Lincoln tunnel to spot which of the above figures are myths. Clearly, as some Christian figures have already pointed out, this goes too far. God will smite the American Atheists, ok maybe not. But the next natural disaster that befalls an unrelated group of people will surely be a manifestation of god’s wraith against the nonbelievers and of course, the gays. [Read more…]

Islamaphobia and Islamists

The devil is in the details. One last post before getting out of dodge.

I have written several articles about Islamaphobia in American, the Arab Spring, and Islam inside the Middle East. Sometimes earing the ire of the Far-Right for my views. But today I took some time to watch fellow FtB blogger Maryam Namazie give a speech in Copenhagen (The video can be found on her post entitled “Simplicity is killing us”).

She spoke about how some in the left have been hesitant to criticize Islam due to a perception that any such criticism is seen as racist, to which I have asserted that the far right’s claims of “Creeping Sharia” in America are racist. This deserves some explanation from myself. [Read more…]

P.M.C. Blackwater Has a Game

You too can pretend to be a pretend Soldier with no respect for the Laws of War.

Blackwater. The name brings out mixed feelings within the military. Some love the high paying career field as a professional mercenary, I mean “contractor.” But a lot of us hate them with a passion. Not only do contractors get paid several times more in a few months that we get paid all year, they are a thorn in our side when we trying to win the key terrain of the counter-insurgency fight, the human terrain.

They obey no military chain of command, except for the vague stipulations in their contracts with various governments. They flaunt their legal immunity to prosecution. And they had a notorious reputation for extreme violence even in situations that don’t warrant it. They are, in my leftist bias, the ultimate evil of corporate oligarchies. These are the types of people who wipe villages off maps so that someone in a suit somewhere can get his next building project done without negative media. And now they have their own video game and our only consolation is that it is mediocre at best. [Read more…]

Jesus is Unconstitutional ;)

The Right’s favorite “founding father” gets thrashed…

World Batshit Insane Daily (WND) is up in arms about the most recent battle in the “war on faith.” Apparently at the bi-monthly meeting of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina, officials would invite speakers of “all faiths and denominations” to give an invocation at their meeting. On the face of the issue, it sounds like a good-enough idea. But, “all faiths” does not ring as true with every prayer ends in giving all props to Jesus. [Read more…]

More Islamaphobia and Anti-Liberalism in Texas

This is why we can’t have nice things

Like many gun store owners, Crockett Keller offers concealed handgun classes at his store and is licensed to do so by the Texas Department of Public Safety. He will gladly teach you how to properly carry your weapon, unless of course you are a Muslim or Liberal, in which case “Fuck You.”

“I consider all Muslims our enemies, no matter how nice they are. I could not trust one and I, as an instructor, am not going to teach one how to shoot a gun and aid him in getting a license.” – Keller [Read more…]