Catch Up with DEFCON

Hey Kids, I’m back from catching up with my work load in the wake of Rock Beyond Belief and the recent 4 day holiday. The feeling of a clean inbox is a satisfying one indeed. Regular updates will resume tomorrow but, I wanted to highlight an interesting speech from DEFCON 19. My current obsession is learning about the latest and greatest stuff happening in the computer security world, especially after I recently realized how much my script kiddie skills have degraded over the past year. So I present to you Richard Thieme.

The Dark Side

Assassin Actual gets snagged by another MMO.

Well crap, After a long unrequited love affair with World of Warcraft I thought I was done with Massive Multiplayer games. But Star Wars: The Old Republic has snagged me with a force grip choke-hold. So until my upcoming stint at the National Training Center, an unhealthy chunk of my free time will be spent as the gunslinging smuggler Ciev on the Jung Ma server.

If you have the game, feel free to come over to the Republic fleet and look for me in one of the seeder dive bars as I search for the next big score and a freighter load of credits…

Man, I am such a nerd.