P.M.C. Blackwater Has a Game

You too can pretend to be a pretend Soldier with no respect for the Laws of War.

Blackwater. The name brings out mixed feelings within the military. Some love the high paying career field as a professional mercenary, I mean “contractor.” But a lot of us hate them with a passion. Not only do contractors get paid several times more in a few months that we get paid all year, they are a thorn in our side when we trying to win the key terrain of the counter-insurgency fight, the human terrain.

They obey no military chain of command, except for the vague stipulations in their contracts with various governments. They flaunt their legal immunity to prosecution. And they had a notorious reputation for extreme violence even in situations that don’t warrant it. They are, in my leftist bias, the ultimate evil of corporate oligarchies. These are the types of people who wipe villages off maps so that someone in a suit somewhere can get his next building project done without negative media. And now they have their own video game and our only consolation is that it is mediocre at best. [Read more…]

Another Douchebag Florida Lawyer

First it was Jack Thompson now Larry Klaymen.

The founder of the conservative watch group, Judicial Watch, is now on the verge of getting his privilege to practice revoked in a second state. The Florida Bar has released a public reprimand to Klayman for failing to provide services that he was paid for…in advance… to the tune of $25,000.

The right wing activist is perhaps best known for repeatedly calling President Obama the “Mullah in Chief”, suing Hillary Clinton, arguing a slander case against Rachel Maddow, and suing HIS OWN MOTHER. He also sued Judicial Watch after he left that organization. It now appears he had a good reason for those frivolous lawsuits, he is broke. [Read more…]

Crockett Keller Doubles Down and Anon Update

Muslims “have sworn the annihilation of the United States.”

The Texas gun instructor Crockett Keller had given another interview. The stupid burns too hot for me to write anything more on this lest my head starts smashing against the keyboard until I get yet another concussion. Think Progress has the story.

[Read more…]

Anonymous Stumbles Over Operation Cartel

Los Zetas’ own hackers cause elements to cancel attack over real world consequences.

Some members of the amorphous, leaderless, group of hackers known the world over as Anonymous have urged the greater collective to cease their activities on the Los Zetas drug cartel after the real world effects of messing with the notoriously cruel and violent group have become clear.

Mexico based hackers Skill3r and Glyniss Paroubek have called for the attack to cease after the Zetas let it be known that their own group of hackers are working to identify Anonymous actors and bring violent death down upon them and their families. This “revelation” has caused not only Mexican Anons to falter, but American actors as well, having never confronted such a violent force in real life. [Read more…]

Fox Force Five: Where Spin Happens

The Five Spin Income Inequality.

Every night at midnight chow (or as I call it ‘lunch’), My fellow officers of my little group (The Knights of Liberalism/ Obama Brown Shirts; depending on who you ask) sit around one of the few TV’s to watch the Fox News program The Five. Our Intel guy watches it for the eye candy, the PSD guy watches it to get angry enough to go out the wire for a patrol ready to kill something, and I watch it for blog fodder. None of us are ever disappointed.

So I almost spit out my crap legs (a huge upgrade from the MRE diet in Mosul, FSM bless the Department of State) when The Five took on the recent CBO report and did their very best to spin the massive income inequality in the United States as a good thing. [Read more…]

Investigation Under Way in Scott Olsen Shooting

Internal Affairs in the hizzle

The City of Oakland has started a Tier 1 investigation into the shooting of Iraqi War Vet Scott Olsen, who has now be upgraded to stable condition and will soon undergo brain surgery, reportedly to reduce the effects of swelling on his brain.

Scott is now conscious and able to communicate via writing on a notepad. Since returning from Iraq, Olsen has become involved in veterans’ affairs, specifically the high rates of suicide among returning warriors. He became involved in politics after the recent public sector cuts in Wisconsin.

The Tier 1 investigation will be treated as if the police had been using deadly force and IA will work with the city prosecutors to see if any of the guidelines on use of less than lethal munitions were violated as videos continue to surface of the crackdown. Oakland Police spokespersons continue to play down the extreme methods that were employed on the Occupy Oakland protestors, time will tell on what exactly happened and who will be blamed. [Read more…]

Aww, Your Hate Group Is Hurting for Money?

The first email from E. Delgaudio that made me smile.

I somehow end up on all sorts of weird ass republican mailing lists, despite slamming the de-subscribe button like it was a damned codeine dispenser. Today’s email from Eugene Delgaudio’s “Public Advocate” USA, a rabidly anti-homosexual special interests group, was a keeper.

Allow me to share:  From the letter entitled “It’s Painful to Write,”

My office is in trouble.  And I need your help.

Fat chance… [Read more…]

The 99%, Where Does It Go From Here?

NPR article covers the evolution of dissent to policy

NPR has posted an article detailing how Occupy Wall Street could affect policy in the U.S. through the lens of successful historical protests movements. Many on the right have been quick to bash the protestors for not having a clear consensus on policy goals, but Alan Greenblatt asserts that a lack of consensus is to be expected at this point in the movement’s evolution.

His quote of Nina Eliasoph counters the right’s complaint quite appropriately:

“Movements don’t write legislation. They force open a line of questions that makes it possible for people to imagine new policies. That’s always the first step.” – Nina Eliasoph, Sociologist at the University of Southern California. [Read more…]