Sen. John Thune Asserts that Millionaire Mitt Romney is not One of the 1%

And neither is Michael Moore… 😉

It is very telling in how prominent political figures of all persuasions are shying away from being labeled as wealthy even as they push policies geared to support the rich. If nothing else, OWS has at leased made us all take note of the ever increasing income inequality in America.

As OWS shifts towards the Republican primary, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have to work hard to avoid the bad optics and press that encounters with the Occupy movement tend to create. [Read more…]

Ron Paul Loves Mass Effect

Paul attempts to turn video game’s back-story into reality through the liberal application of bullshit.

So there I was, Assassin Shepherd, trying to help out a friend via a dangerous game of breaking an entering and theft on Planet Bekerstein in the Serpent Nebula. My partner and I have just disabled multiple levels of security as we descended towards the now unsecured vault below on a whisper silent turbo lift.

The doors open to reveal the treasures within and its not what we expect. The severed head of Lady Liberty is suspended before us, the copper green head millions of light years from the rest of the reconstructed statue back on Earth.

A testament that Ron Paul was right, all those years ago. [Read more…]

What’s Left for North Korea

An economy in shatters, a broken people, a dim future, Planet Money reports.

One of the best little groups working for NPR  is Planet Money and they have done a nice piece on just how completely Kim Jong Il screwed his people over with his pants-on-head retarded lust for “power”.

Read the full article at : Drug Dealing, Counterfeiting, Smuggling: How North Korea Makes Money. Or watch the podcast.

(Source: Planet Money)

The Wrong Route

Scientology tries to weasel its way into the minds of the disenfranchised during the year of protest.

The Route Out. On the surface, this website appears to be nothing special. The site, at first glance, is just another bland political action site attempting to raise a “grassroots” movement out of “nothing” with a heavy handed organizational structure.

The Route Out is smothered in Americana, quotes and images from founding documents abound. The wording of the site’s overarching message is so whitewashed, mundane, and apolitical that Tea Partiers and OWSers nodded along with the message, even if it is pretty simplistic. [Read more…]

Birthers: If You Can’t Make a Story, Fabricate It

WND reports on Birther banner as if they didn’t do it, then reports on people reporting WND’s reports about the banner reportedly flown by WND.

WND has pulled out all the stops while trying to keep the myth of Obama being a foreign national alive. Their latest attempt was to fly a banner (pictured below) over Arlington’s Cowboys Stadium during a football game. I think their intention was to squeeze the last drops of controversy from the zombie lie. Sadly for WND, no major media outlet paid the banner much mind.

But that won’t stop WND. The website soon penned an article about the banner and wrote it in such a way as to not give themselves credit. Only the picture itself and a quote from Joseph Farah tied the handiwork of WND to WND itself. [Read more…]

OWS Starts to Shift the Democratic Message

Former Super Committee co-chair attempts to dispel the GOP’s “Job Creator” myth.

It’s good to see that Occupy Wall Street has done what protest movements need to do, shift the discussion within our society to focus on uncomfortable truths that were previously ignored by politics and the mass media. Before OWS in the republican sphere, you couldn’t even call the rich “rich” anymore, today they are “job creators” (after extensive control group testing of the phrase). And the moniker has mostly been unchallenged by democrats, leaving the top 1% of Americas to receive remarkably tax rates lower than the middle class. Because the majority of the populous is deceived into believing that any tax increases amongst the super-wealthy will cause either an upturn in unemployment or the vengeful “job creators” to pull out of the American economy in protest this meme replicates in ernest. Never mind that history shows this to be untrue, since perception is more important than reality most of the time. [Read more…]

The Cost of Free Speech

Wisconsin Administration drags its feet on controversial new protest law.

We Americans are having to slowly adjust to the uncomfortable reality that money now equals free speech and that the more money you have, the more “free” speech you can use to push the opposition into irrelevancy. In a system of government that is supposed to protect the rights of the minority, most who visit and write at FtB see the citizens united decision as an infringement on American freedom.

But compared to the new protest laws under consideration in Wisconsin, citizens united somehow seems downright fair. At least C.U. gave the minority the slimmest chance to dissent, now in Wisconsin you might not even be able to exercise you right to free speech against the government without forking up cash beforehand. Any gathering of four or more persons espousing a political message will have to file for a permit 72 hours prior to the protest. [Read more…]

Death of a Salesman

Wife of televangelist Eddie Long files for divorce as Long’s career crumbles.

You know, in the grand scheme of things there are not a lot of televangelists in the world. But boy oh boy do they always seem to get into trouble, perhaps disproportionately so. I don’t know if that is true, but someone should do a study. I guess it’s the trifecta of fame, sex, and power. The great tri-force of greed caught another man of god while I was gone and the fallout is settling. Eddie Long, you were a bad boy. [Read more…]

WoW’s 99% Feels the Hurt Too

A study of the economy of the world’s most popular MMO, World of Warcraft, reveals income inequality in the virtual world.

I used to play wow. A lot. When college ended and it was time to move on to “real life”, I managed to sell my virtual character for real money, to the tune of $2,500. Which I promptly blew on buying even more electronic entertainment gadgets, turned out that “real life” still had some room for a bit of Xbox live.

Any serious WoW player will tell you that there is money in that game, viruses have been distributed over the web to steal accounts, there are dozens of MMO specific auction websites, and there are the Asian gold farmers. All these outside influences destabilize the virtual economy of the game, so much so that a recent study concluded that if Azeroth was a real country it would have the second worst economy on Earth in respect to income inequality. The 99% of elves, orks, gnomes, and so on are somehow getting more screwed than the 99% of real people, but at least Azeroth has better health care. [Read more…]

Showdown at Zuccotti Park

My Twitter feed is ablaze.

As I write this, NYPD are in the act of evicting the OWS protestors from Zuccotti Park. And the cops must feel justified in the rightness of their actions because they are doing it at 2 am under the cover of darkness, barring any reporters from getting near the scene, and telling nearby residents that they are unable to leave their homes until the repression is complete. [Read more…]