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Oct 07 2011

Server Issues and SSSD


As you may have noticed, FTB’s daily hits have exceeded our server’s capability and a move to a faster server is in progress. Also due to an overall shitty day (got “Dear John’ed” and had the internet cut out for the majority of the day), I am declaring a Super Secret Squirrel Day. Please take the below …

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Oct 06 2011

Today in Iraq – 5 October 2011


Reuters reports (via trust.org): RAMADI – A roadside bomb went off and a car bomb detonated in succession in central Ramadi, 100 km (60 miles) west of Baghdad, killing one civilian and seriously wounding 14 others, including five policemen, police said. BAGHDAD – Two insurgents threw a hand grande at an Iraqi army patrol in …

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Oct 05 2011

Today in Iraq – 4 October 2011


Reuters reports (via trust.org): KIRKUK – A roadside bomb blew up, killing one person and wounding two others in the southwestern outskirts of Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad, police said. TAJI – A parked car bomb went off near an Iraqi army checkpoint, killing a soldier and wounding eight people including four …

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Oct 03 2011

Today in Iraq – 2 October 2011


Reuters reports (via trust.org): BUHRIZ – Gunmen stormed the house of a leader of a government-backed militia and killed his wife in Buhriz, about 60 km (35 miles) northeast of Baghdad, a local police official said. MOSUL – A bomb attached to the car of an off-duty army officer killed him in the north of …

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Oct 02 2011

Syrian Revolt Enters a New Stage

The Free Syrian Army The “Arab Spring” continues to affect the Middle East. Protests continue in Egypt in response to slow reforms by the military rule, Libyans continue to weed out the last of the former regime’s strongholds, and Syrians continue to be slaughtered in brutal crackdowns. But that is changing. Military defectors in Syria …

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Oct 02 2011

Soldier Dies in Kirkuk

FORT POLK, La. — The Army has announced the death in Iraq of a Fort Polk soldier from Georgia. A news release from the Louisiana base on Saturday said that 23-year-old Spc. Adrian G. Mills of Newnan, Ga., died Sept. 29 in Kirkuk, Iraq. He died from wounds suffered when his unit was attacked by …

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Sep 28 2011

Super-Secret Squirrel Day


Long day at the office and right back in I go. SSSD is in effect. I will see you all tomorrow.

Sep 26 2011

Today in Iraq – 26 September 2011


Reuters reports (via trust.org): BAGHDAD – Gunmen using silenced weapons killed Mohammed Ali, office manager of the Minister of Health, in the Yarmouk district of west-central Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said. BAGHDAD – Gunmen in a speeding car opened fire at a police checkpoint, killing a policeman and wounding two others in the Shaab …

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Sep 25 2011

French Militants Increase Tensions at Jewish Settlements


In an previous blog post, I covered what IMHO was a potentially bad idea by Israel to supplement the army enforced protection of Jewish settlements by arming the settlers with ostensibly non-lethal arms in order to counter possible protests by Palestinians in the wake of their soon to fail UN bid for statehood. My main …

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Sep 24 2011

Today in Iraq – 24 September 2011

Reuters reports (via trust.org): MOSUL – Armed men threw three hand grenades at a central bank office, wounding two policemen in central Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, police said. BAGHDAD – Iraqi security forces arrested a senior leader of the Shi’ite militia Asaib al-Haq, or Leagues of Righteousness, in Baghdad’s eastern district …

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