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Dec 19 2011

Last Flight Out

Over a dozen blast walls bear the hand painted names of American KIA's from Iraq. The memorial remains at the Dept of State facility in Kirkuk.

The last American Military forces* depart Iraq. December 17th marked the last flight and convoy of American military forces leaving Iraq, marking the end to kinetic military action in America’s foreseeable relationship with Iraq. It also brings the somber news of the last KIA of an American Soldier in the war, Spec. David Emanuel Hickman …

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Dec 07 2011

What Ever Happened to Kirkuk

A key Iraqi city teeters on the edge after I (and the rest of the military) left. I won’t comment on this very much as too many of my friends, Iraqi and American, died in and about our base. But CNN has a nice article on the second most important city in the country (politically …

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Nov 16 2011

The Art of War


Website collects pictures, port-a-john scrawls, and art from a decade of war. Every war has its art. Farewells to friends, celebrations of victory, escapes from reality, and bitching about the boss are common subjects. Art in war is a coping mechanism, a way to express feelings that are difficult to talk about in the American …

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Nov 09 2011

Islamaphobia and Islamists

The devil is in the details. One last post before getting out of dodge. I have written several articles about Islamaphobia in American, the Arab Spring, and Islam inside the Middle East. Sometimes earing the ire of the Far-Right for my views. But today I took some time to watch fellow FtB blogger Maryam Namazie …

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Nov 04 2011

Another Gone


I hate days like this. Rest easy buddy. The LT Mafia misses you already. Iraq ain’t over and it doesn’t change how the coin flipped, at least we got the dick. You did what was right and died in the act of helping the Iraqi people. There is honor in that act, if nothing else. …

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Oct 23 2011

A “Cakewalk”

                Iraq, how I love thee. I hate to admit, but when you started I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I watched the opening round on TV, glued to the images of destruction and the reports of embedded reported. I signed my contract with the military before you began. When I started military …

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Oct 22 2011

Hot Damn!

Obama: Iraq war will be over by year’s end; troops coming home Huzzah! I might be able to make it to the family’s pagan winter solstice fest after all. The right is still bitching that we should say. However, that is the Iraqi Government’s choice as agreed upon by a republican President. Having us stay …

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Oct 18 2011

Traveling Joe

Moving about Iraq for a few days, be back later this week.

Oct 10 2011

Army Implements Program to “Root Out Toxic Leaders”

The Army has known for a while that some of its leaders are terrible. The number one reason cited by junior officers and NCOs when leaving the Army continues to be, “Bad Leadership.” Now the Army is moving to make a little used voluntary evaluation mandatory. The evaluation takes input from peers and subordinates into …

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Oct 09 2011



Too many rockets, too many IEDs, too many MEDEVACs…I’m going to bed.  

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