I Love my Uncle but, Newt Hates Him

Medina Valley Independent School District settles prayer case, Republicans surprise no one by flipping out.


My Uncle, Federal Judge Fred Biery, is a badass. Last June, he waded into a particularly religious area of small town “Real America” Texas and smacked down the overt proselytizing that had pervaded the Medina School District. Yet, as Fred executed his duty to uphold the tenants of the constitution, members of the political right used his completely unsurprising ruling to fan the flames of Christian “repression” ( Help, Help, I’m being repressed).

Newt “Moon Base” Gingrich was especially blood thirsty as he tried to reassert his conservative credentials, trying to keep his election hopes afloat despite the rising tides of Santorum after the results in Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota.

Newt called Fred an “anti-religious, dictatorial bigot.” Which makes complete sense as Fred continues the proud tradition of the Biery clan. A family that has done nothing but turn out District Attorneys, Federal Judges, civic servants, teachers, and combat veterans since WWII. So clearly my family is a bunch of hippie, communistic shitbags. I am getting a little sick of having my family name, which is not too common, being said with vehement disdain by the likes of Beck, Gingrich, Rush, et all. [Read more…]

Victory Through Superior Billboards

American Atheists reveal their holiday billboard, Christian eyes forced to something they don’t like, hilarity ensues.

Even before American Atheists’ latest billboard is hung in New Jersey on December 11th, extensively to poke a little fun at god and perhaps lure a few more pho-Christians over to our side of the fence; some Christians are not pleased. The billboard (picture below the fold) displays pictures of Jesus, Poseidon, a Satan-like fellow, and Santa Clause and will implore persons commuting through the Lincoln tunnel to spot which of the above figures are myths. Clearly, as some Christian figures have already pointed out, this goes too far. God will smite the American Atheists, ok maybe not. But the next natural disaster that befalls an unrelated group of people will surely be a manifestation of god’s wraith against the nonbelievers and of course, the gays. [Read more…]

Islamaphobia and Islamists

The devil is in the details. One last post before getting out of dodge.

I have written several articles about Islamaphobia in American, the Arab Spring, and Islam inside the Middle East. Sometimes earing the ire of the Far-Right for my views. But today I took some time to watch fellow FtB blogger Maryam Namazie give a speech in Copenhagen (The video can be found on her post entitled “Simplicity is killing us”).

She spoke about how some in the left have been hesitant to criticize Islam due to a perception that any such criticism is seen as racist, to which I have asserted that the far right’s claims of “Creeping Sharia” in America are racist. This deserves some explanation from myself. [Read more…]

Another Douchebag Florida Lawyer

First it was Jack Thompson now Larry Klaymen.

The founder of the conservative watch group, Judicial Watch, is now on the verge of getting his privilege to practice revoked in a second state. The Florida Bar has released a public reprimand to Klayman for failing to provide services that he was paid for…in advance… to the tune of $25,000.

The right wing activist is perhaps best known for repeatedly calling President Obama the “Mullah in Chief”, suing Hillary Clinton, arguing a slander case against Rachel Maddow, and suing HIS OWN MOTHER. He also sued Judicial Watch after he left that organization. It now appears he had a good reason for those frivolous lawsuits, he is broke. [Read more…]

Jesus is Unconstitutional ;)

The Right’s favorite “founding father” gets thrashed…

World Batshit Insane Daily (WND) is up in arms about the most recent battle in the “war on faith.” Apparently at the bi-monthly meeting of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina, officials would invite speakers of “all faiths and denominations” to give an invocation at their meeting. On the face of the issue, it sounds like a good-enough idea. But, “all faiths” does not ring as true with every prayer ends in giving all props to Jesus. [Read more…]

Cop Versus Cop

Awesome in action

A Florida Highway Patrol Officer pulled over Fausto Lopez after she had observed the man weaving in and out of traffic at speeds in excess of 102 mph. The kicker is that Fausto Lopez is a City of Miami Cop and was driving a patrol car.

The heroic highway patrolwoman pulled the C.O.M. cop over, who no doubt was expecting a pass for being a cop himself (admittedly I always toss my patrol cap on the dash of my car when pulled over, but I don’t take a Hummer on an off duty drive). Mr. Lopez’s excuse, he had an off duty job to get to and could not afford to be late. [Read more…]

Aww, Your Hate Group Is Hurting for Money?

The first email from E. Delgaudio that made me smile.

I somehow end up on all sorts of weird ass republican mailing lists, despite slamming the de-subscribe button like it was a damned codeine dispenser. Today’s email from Eugene Delgaudio’s “Public Advocate” USA, a rabidly anti-homosexual special interests group, was a keeper.

Allow me to share:  From the letter entitled “It’s Painful to Write,”

My office is in trouble.  And I need your help.

Fat chance… [Read more…]

More on Drone Hacking

The commentariate were right, all hail the mob

More information has come out in the public sphere about the virus infection plaguing the Air Force’s drone control hub at Creech Air Force Base. Turns out the virus was simple malware introduced into the system when a person connected a removable media storage device into the system, which is an unauthorized action under current policy. The military rumor mill has the idiot’s excuse something like, “I was just recharging my Ipad.” [Read more…]