The Operators

Michael Hastings covers the unwinnable Afghanistan.

Recently my buddy clued me into to another light colonel who “Hackworthed” or sacrificed his career in the hopes of raising consciousness about an unwinnable fight.  LT. COL Daniel L. Davis wrote a scathing assessment of the War in Afghanistan as the conflict pushes steadily into its second decade. Sadly, I believe the brass has learned from the mistakes of how it handled the public face of wars since Vietnam. By fostering an all-volunteer force, our country has effectively fostered a Solider Caste, ensuring that the effects of war are neigh invisible to the broader public. Political sentiment and the pure ignorance that is “American Exceptionalism” keeps any criticism of the war from being voiced. To do so is political suicide. Even Obama, who has handled the war like the smelly bag of trash it is, (a thing to be removed as soon as possible) has to step lightly through a minefield of critics to get out to the dumpster.

The most common response I get from friends outside the Army when the subject of Afghanistan arises is usually a variation of “I didn’t know we were still there”. The Army, like always, is almost single minded in its focus, the Army wants to win. The military is a very goal centric organization that places mission accomplishment as its number one priority.

We are told that the Surge and Counter Insurgency won the Iraq War, beat terrorism, and that it will soon be the same in Afghanistan.

However modern history does not jibe with the reality of twenty first century warfare. [Read more…]

Sign This Thing Right Meow!

Paradise Valley High School wants signatures? Then FINE we will give them signatures!

Update, the preamble of the petition has been updated:

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support. I never imagined that the petition would gain so much attention. However, this whole situation has been a large misunderstanding between myself and the administration.

I never meant to shed Paradise Valley in a negative light. PV is an accepting community of diverse students and staff. I have met with my principal and this situation has been resolved.

The misunderstanding was completely on my end of things. Again, thank you all for your activism and support.”

So the requirement seems to be a case of miscommunication but, in the end the kids are getting their club, huzzah. [Read more…]

Ron Paul Loves Mass Effect

Paul attempts to turn video game’s back-story into reality through the liberal application of bullshit.

So there I was, Assassin Shepherd, trying to help out a friend via a dangerous game of breaking an entering and theft on Planet Bekerstein in the Serpent Nebula. My partner and I have just disabled multiple levels of security as we descended towards the now unsecured vault below on a whisper silent turbo lift.

The doors open to reveal the treasures within and its not what we expect. The severed head of Lady Liberty is suspended before us, the copper green head millions of light years from the rest of the reconstructed statue back on Earth.

A testament that Ron Paul was right, all those years ago. [Read more…]

21 Year old, Abigail Borah, Speaks Out in Durban

While American Politicians are hesitant to push the climate issue both nationally and internationally,  a youth speaks out against inaction.

Thanks to recent big pushes by the energy industry, there has been over a 15 percentage point shift in America’s belief in global warming. Unfortunately, that shift has been towards the opinion that the consensus of the scientific community is nothing but an elaborate conspiracy perpetrated by “so called” expects against the larger community that can’t be bothered to do any research themselves. With pubic belief as it is, politicians have been hesitant to take on the issue directly.

That seems to be the case in Durban, South Africa, where the international community has gathered to discuss climate change. However, given the “climate” of the talks, this conference will likely not see any major moves to legally binding changes necessary to have a sizable impact.

Seeing the inevitable inaction on the horizon, 21 year old Abigail Borah, a member of the youth climate delegation spoke out to the powers that be. [Read more…]

Al Jazeera English on OWS

Well versed from the Arab Spring, AJE devotes a section to OWS.


Al Jazeera English has been covering the events of the Arab Spring in great detail, giving each country a section where live blogs are created and maintained, social media is congregated, and commentary is provided. This had led to some of the best reporting of events in the region. Everything from the stance of Islamists to post regime change politics is covered in detail. I mean, how many of us are aware that in Egypt, former political opponents of the deposed president might be restricted from voting because they a technically criminals? [Read more…]

Anonymous Stumbles Over Operation Cartel

Los Zetas’ own hackers cause elements to cancel attack over real world consequences.

Some members of the amorphous, leaderless, group of hackers known the world over as Anonymous have urged the greater collective to cease their activities on the Los Zetas drug cartel after the real world effects of messing with the notoriously cruel and violent group have become clear.

Mexico based hackers Skill3r and Glyniss Paroubek have called for the attack to cease after the Zetas let it be known that their own group of hackers are working to identify Anonymous actors and bring violent death down upon them and their families. This “revelation” has caused not only Mexican Anons to falter, but American actors as well, having never confronted such a violent force in real life. [Read more…]

Thanks For The Support

The Donors Choose Science Bloggers for Students drive is about over and Freethought Blogs has taken the cake. First Prize for us as we crushed the other blog networks with our mighty hammer of Thor, not too shabby for a network that launched just a few months before the challenge started.

Thanks to everyone who donated on my page and the others on the FTB, with your help we were able to help thousands of students across the nation.

To readers of my blog, we did quite well in comparison to everyone else. Beat some, and got beat into a fine pulp by others. Sadly my pink tutu didn’t arrive before my mail got shut off so one of two things can happen.

I can wait until I get back to the states to perform a session of interpretive dance in appropriate costume.


You can post something of comparable humiliation that I can do with what gear I have on hand. (Two uniforms, body armor, my gun, a pair of shorts, flip flops, and a towel.)

My fate is in your hands.