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Sep 23 2011

FOX Quote-Mines Clinton

The more I read about President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan, the more I like it. It’s not the plan I would want in a ‘perfect world’ but, perfect worlds don’t exist outside of Azeroth, and even there Chinese gold farmers wreck havoc on inflation. I mean have you seen the price of gold these …

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Sep 22 2011

The Decline of Religion in America According to the Blaze

An article on The Blaze warns of the decline of religion in America. Being a master at propaganda as a peons of usually are at Mr. Beck’s site, the author refers to religiosity as ‘religious health’, implying that it is unhealthy to be non religious, a meme that I love. Why the article does get the general …

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Sep 22 2011

The Jungle, yet another book Michele Bachmann has apparently not read


Has your food recently been missing that extra kick? That lil’ bit of old country taste that only occasionally made your brother contract that infection that then killed him. Well, Michele Bachmann wants to bring back that missing ingredient, being rat shit and other contaminates, by eliminating food regulations… It’s the same bullshit republican justification of …

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Aug 31 2011

The Science Guy vs Fox, Round Two

On August 29th Bill Nye made a return appearance on FOX News hot on the heels on “Moon Volcano” affair in which the pundit, Charles Payne, attempted to shun away Global Warming with anecdotal evidence; in this case Hurricane Irene. Mr. Nye goes on to give a great breakdown on basic science while Mr. Payne …

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Aug 29 2011

Islamophobia is Stupid

So, Fox news is using the 9/11 Ten Year Anniversary to shamelessly stoke the flames of hatred over the Park 51 Islamic Community Center at the expense of thousands of dead Americans. According to Media Matters, it started on fox news with a link to a Wall Street Journal Article and the headline: Bloomberg Bans …

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Aug 28 2011

Sean Hannity is a Liar, Ann Coulter is an IDiot, and Other Predictable One Liners

Sean “Earmuffs” Hannity must hate Media Matters, I mean fuck those nerds; sitting at home compiling cold hard facts to refute his emotional assertions. Judging by his behavior, I assume he is at least as narcissistic and egomaniacal as I am and I sure as Hades would be fuming if I was in his shoes. …

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Aug 26 2011

Glen Beck’s “Planet Course-Altering Event” Draws less than 5,000

After Glen Beck endeared himself to the Israeli public by ranting about popular social demonstrations on housing issues and then promptly lied about ranting about popular social demonstrations on housing issues, after hinting about the possible culmination of biblical prophecy, he only drew a crowd of about 4,700 (source: His spokesman)..which he promptly inflated to 10,000. Fox news …

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Aug 22 2011

Sean Hannity Rewrites History…Again

Last Tuesday Sean Hannity told an abject lie, That the housing crisis was caused by President Barak Obama. Are you fracking kidding me? I don’t know what’s more offensive, memo driven news, or the contempt FOX (in this case) executives must have for their own viewers. I understand the economic collapse was complicated; in fact …

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