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Mar 07 2012

Homophobia in The Gaming Community?


Critically Acclaimed Mass Effect 3 sees its Metacritic score tanked by Homophobes. Many of us in the gaming community see the expanding roles of video games and their impact on popular culture. The gaming industry is, capital wise, as big as the movie industry. With the greater amount of investment cash poured into gaming, I …

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Jan 31 2012

SSSD and Fox

Long day at work standing around, talking on a radio, and filling out official looking forms. Thus, I didn’t get a chance to do much reading. However, I did run across a FOX News article trying to stir up some controversy about Rock Beyond Belief. The theme of those opposed to the event is that …

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Dec 05 2011

Christmas is for Everyone, Except for Obama

Right Wing attacks President Obama for relatively modest holiday vacation. Presidential holiday vacations are usually both uninteresting and long. Bush and Regan both routinely took 20 or more days of vacation during the holiday season, which is more than most people get, but less than others. For example, I get 30 days this year (Woohooo …

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Nov 09 2011

Fantastic Five

Bob Beckle is Awesome. On the most recent edition of The Five, Eric Bolling was doing his very best to link Herman Cain’s recent revelations of sexual indiscretions to be nothing more than an attack by the Democratic organization. Fellow panel member and sole liberal on the show, Bob Beckle, was having none of it. …

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Nov 02 2011

Fox Force Five: Where Spin Happens

The Five Spin Income Inequality. Every night at midnight chow (or as I call it ‘lunch’), My fellow officers of my little group (The Knights of Liberalism/ Obama Brown Shirts; depending on who you ask) sit around one of the few TV’s to watch the Fox News program The Five. Our Intel guy watches it …

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Oct 13 2011

Blaze Continues to Rage Against the 99%

For a movement that The Blaze was quick to downplay, it sure is getting a lot of page space The good folks at The Blaze can’t seem to stop talking about an insignificant little protest movement that clearly can’t actually accomplish anything. From investigative stories that prove that young people have sex and smoke pot …

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Oct 04 2011

Are Anons Becoming the Progressive Response to Tea Party?

I may have spoken too soon when I called it a fail. The Occupy Wall Street protests are continuing to gain momentum despite a slow start. Even with the left’s chronic problem of lacking a unified goal, one has begun to emerge. “I am the 99%” Shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge for a while, having …

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Sep 27 2011

“Economic Terrorism”

Mike Huckabee’s opinion of a boycott. Terrorism as a word is thrown around far too often these days. The word has become increasingly muddled in recent history, just take a look at the Wikipedia page devoted to its definition. Calling anything a form of “terrorism” is a cheap yet effective way of tossing any such …

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Sep 24 2011

The Saga of News Corp. Continues

(From Media Matters) The investigation of News Corp. for it’s alleged illegal business practices including (but of course not limited too) hacking, unfair business practices, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has deepened as the DOJ has begun a probe to see if there is a larger pattern of corruption present. My spidy sense says yes, …

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Sep 24 2011

The Blaze vs. Al Stefanelli

Missed this one when I was moving about Iraq, but it still deserves a mention. It should come as no surprise that the individuals who abide by fundamentalist Christian and radical Islamic doctrines would be the first to cry out that they are being persecuted when their dangerous, damaging and disingenuous beliefs come under attack. …

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