Death of a Salesman

Wife of televangelist Eddie Long files for divorce as Long’s career crumbles.

You know, in the grand scheme of things there are not a lot of televangelists in the world. But boy oh boy do they always seem to get into trouble, perhaps disproportionately so. I don’t know if that is true, but someone should do a study. I guess it’s the trifecta of fame, sex, and power. The great tri-force of greed caught another man of god while I was gone and the fallout is settling. Eddie Long, you were a bad boy. [Read more…]

The War on CHRISTmas: The Battle of Chicago

Fox reporter issues apology for claiming Santa is not real.

As the bullshit “War on Christmas” continues, the religious right has let it be known that they are not fucking around. Not only will they continue to fight against any heathen bastard who dares to mock the creator of the universe during this season of peace, but they will devour their own for the slightest infraction against the collective.

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Showdown at Zuccotti Park

My Twitter feed is ablaze.

As I write this, NYPD are in the act of evicting the OWS protestors from Zuccotti Park. And the cops must feel justified in the rightness of their actions because they are doing it at 2 am under the cover of darkness, barring any reporters from getting near the scene, and telling nearby residents that they are unable to leave their homes until the repression is complete. [Read more…]

Another Douchebag Florida Lawyer

First it was Jack Thompson now Larry Klaymen.

The founder of the conservative watch group, Judicial Watch, is now on the verge of getting his privilege to practice revoked in a second state. The Florida Bar has released a public reprimand to Klayman for failing to provide services that he was paid for…in advance… to the tune of $25,000.

The right wing activist is perhaps best known for repeatedly calling President Obama the “Mullah in Chief”, suing Hillary Clinton, arguing a slander case against Rachel Maddow, and suing HIS OWN MOTHER. He also sued Judicial Watch after he left that organization. It now appears he had a good reason for those frivolous lawsuits, he is broke. [Read more…]