Sick Day

Ughh, I am down with the sickness. Only the two short articles above today. Also I am preping to fly to another location in the not so distant future, the blog might be sparse this week.

Thanks Technology

Texas buys military grade UAVs for police use.

I have a love hate relationship with UAVs. They are an amazing tool in the hands of the military, particularly when employed against forces that lack sophisticated knowledge of high end electronics and programming.

But even enemy forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere have made strides in interfering with the operations of drones. Most notably a $28 dollar hack that let insurgents pull the feeds that were being sent unencrypted and allowing them to redeploy their forces out of danger before friendly forces could act. We have seen Narco-cartels, hackers, scientists and private citizens use drones for their own purposes. It was just a matter of time that the police would eventually use some. [Read more…]

Investigation Under Way in Scott Olsen Shooting

Internal Affairs in the hizzle

The City of Oakland has started a Tier 1 investigation into the shooting of Iraqi War Vet Scott Olsen, who has now be upgraded to stable condition and will soon undergo brain surgery, reportedly to reduce the effects of swelling on his brain.

Scott is now conscious and able to communicate via writing on a notepad. Since returning from Iraq, Olsen has become involved in veterans’ affairs, specifically the high rates of suicide among returning warriors. He became involved in politics after the recent public sector cuts in Wisconsin.

The Tier 1 investigation will be treated as if the police had been using deadly force and IA will work with the city prosecutors to see if any of the guidelines on use of less than lethal munitions were violated as videos continue to surface of the crackdown. Oakland Police spokespersons continue to play down the extreme methods that were employed on the Occupy Oakland protestors, time will tell on what exactly happened and who will be blamed. [Read more…]

Scott Olsen Made It Through Two Tours and Gets Shot By American Cops

Because the natural reaction of getting pelted with paint is to shoot someone in the face

I have previously blogged about the dangers inherent in less than lethal munitions (read rubber bullets). Shooting someone is the head with one is as good as using real bullets when it comes to killing capability. It is one of the reasons that before issuing those types of weapons to Soldiers, we have to re-qualify with the ammo in a wide variety of simulated combat conditions. If I or one of my Soldiers were to shoot a kid in the head under similar circumstances, I would likely go to jail (Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200).

Apparently the bar is set lower in Oakland. [Read more…]

More on Drone Hacking

The commentariate were right, all hail the mob

More information has come out in the public sphere about the virus infection plaguing the Air Force’s drone control hub at Creech Air Force Base. Turns out the virus was simple malware introduced into the system when a person connected a removable media storage device into the system, which is an unauthorized action under current policy. The military rumor mill has the idiot’s excuse something like, “I was just recharging my Ipad.” [Read more…]

Great Foxhole Atheist Video

Great Foxhole Atheist Video

Slow news day over here, most everything that tickled my fancy has already been covered today by my fellow bloggers.

One post I would want to direct your attention to is “The single best video ever made about foxhole atheists (possibly NSFW),” originally posted by Justin Griffith over at Rock Beyond Belief the blog.

Sleepy time now, hopefully some more craziness will happen in the states while I count sheep, it usually does.

Army Implements Program to “Root Out Toxic Leaders”

The Army has known for a while that some of its leaders are terrible. The number one reason cited by junior officers and NCOs when leaving the Army continues to be, “Bad Leadership.” Now the Army is moving to make a little used voluntary evaluation mandatory.

The evaluation takes input from peers and subordinates into account, sifts through those results and weighs them against a unit’s overall opinion of the local command climate. Hopefully this will give leaders a better understanding on how our actions and attitudes affect the lives of our Soldiers and co-leaders. [Read more…]