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Apr 24 2012

Black Hat Month

I lied, work is insane at the moment and will be until June. With great regrets, blog posts will be almost non existent until then. There goes real life interfering with my online existence. Even with weekends, I can’t really stay abreast of current events to the point of writing something that is better that “Hey, check …

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Apr 02 2012

“God” Loved/Hated Rock Beyond Belief

The first Atheist event in a military context ever. Rain poured from the sky as I ran from a Wallmart to my rental car, my new raincoat in hand in preparation for Rock Beyond Belief.  When I arrived on post, Justin Griffith, Richard Dawkins, and a full bird colonel were engaged in a press conference …

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Apr 01 2012

The Conversation I Never Thought I Would Have at Rock Beyond Belief

The Conversation I Never Thought I Would Have at Rock Beyond Belief A friend reveals his thoughts on God. Yesterday I had an absolute blast at Rock Beyond Belief, I got to hang out with my fellow bloggers Ed and Justin, rocked out to Aiden, and got one of my unit t-shirts signed by many …

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Mar 30 2012

Touchdown at RBB

Woot, I just landed and holy deity on a stick is it humid! But you can relax now, AA is  at the party.

Mar 12 2012

F*@#nuts in Afghanistan

A douchebag does something horrible. Thanks, unnamed Staff Sergeant, for your unbelievable dumbshit act of senseless brutality. Now the Army sits back nervously to see what kind of blowback this will earn us from the locals.

Mar 07 2012

Empire – How someone in my unit views America


Artist Unknown – Sadly the Combat Unicorn got cut off.

Mar 06 2012

My Leave Hath Been Approved For RBB


Game on Today I got my leave approved for heading to Ft. Bragg for the wondrous, free, and open to public event that is Rock Beyond Belief. Ed, you owe me beers (for no particular reason) and Justin owes me absolutely nothing (never take from Soldiers). But if one of you can get Richard Dawkins …

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Mar 01 2012


Howdy everybody, I am back at home station and catching up on mountains of work, email, news, and episodes of Archer. I should be posting new hotness around Friday after I get back up to speed at the day job.

Feb 15 2012

A Foxhole Atheist Story

Thanks to the Soldier who allowed me to reprint his story, originally posted in the February issue of ISO Lehti. Resilient Reflections: On Atheism, Service and Cooperation across faiths. By A. Stringer. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not those of the United States Army, the United States of America or …

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Feb 13 2012

My New Office

Combat Outpost 2 - NTC

has a nice view.

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