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Assassin Actual is a Cavalry Officer in the U.S. Army and veteran of Operation New Dawn in good old Iraq. He holds a B.S. in Geography from Texas A&M. After serving for 13 months as a Scout Platoon Leader, AA currently is attached to the Operations and Planning section for his Squadron where he faffs around the internet and hopes to flee his desk job ASAP. This is what AA thinks about stuff, he is normally wrong. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author, and not those of the United States Army, the United States of America or any outside organizations mentioned or discussed. If you care to contact me, send an email to [email protected] or follow me on Twitter @AActual.

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Mar 30 2012

Touchdown at RBB

Woot, I just landed and holy deity on a stick is it humid! But you can relax now, AA is  at the party.

Mar 28 2012

The Effects of Social Media on Trayvon Martin

Why The Blaze’s story makes me sad. “However, if genuine, these Tweets may give us more insight into Martin’s enigmatic life and character.” That last sentence from this article at The Blaze troubled me. The article is expressly about how Trayvon Martin had a twitter account and that some of his tweets appear juvenile (because …

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Mar 20 2012

Dennis Terry Tosses a Monkey Wrench, Santorum Spews to Downplay It

American is a Christian Nation! While Dennis Terry is a “respected” voice amongst Rick Santorum’s conservative base, it probably was a bad idea to have a recordable media device at any event where both men should meet. Thankfully there was and hilarity has ensued. Dennis Terry delivered a heartwarming introduction of Mr. Santorum: “If you …

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Mar 15 2012

Use at Your Own Risk

Anonymous unveils its own OS. As a person who heavily mods his Operating System, I am not too thrilled about the new AnonOS. Created as a platform to enhance privacy and piracy protections, aid in cyber attacks, and veil internet traffic through the now crack-able TOR networks; this OS seems to be geared to your …

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Mar 12 2012

F*@#nuts in Afghanistan

A douchebag does something horrible. Thanks, unnamed Staff Sergeant, for your unbelievable dumbshit act of senseless brutality. Now the Army sits back nervously to see what kind of blowback this will earn us from the locals.

Mar 12 2012

Jesus In Space

Jesus’ irrefutable role in the final frontier. First and foremost, WorldNutDaily is linking to an article in slate where the author has made the logical conclusion that John Carter is a VERY Christian movie, because fighting aliens is clearly a Christian allegory. The movie does seem to pick up on a few points of the …

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Mar 07 2012

Empire – How someone in my unit views America


Artist Unknown – Sadly the Combat Unicorn got cut off.

Mar 07 2012

Homophobia in The Gaming Community?


Critically Acclaimed Mass Effect 3 sees its Metacritic score tanked by Homophobes. Many of us in the gaming community see the expanding roles of video games and their impact on popular culture. The gaming industry is, capital wise, as big as the movie industry. With the greater amount of investment cash poured into gaming, I …

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Mar 06 2012

My Leave Hath Been Approved For RBB


Game on Today I got my leave approved for heading to Ft. Bragg for the wondrous, free, and open to public event that is Rock Beyond Belief. Ed, you owe me beers (for no particular reason) and Justin owes me absolutely nothing (never take from Soldiers). But if one of you can get Richard Dawkins …

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Mar 06 2012

Limbaugh Fo-Pologizes

Somehow Rush blames Liberals for his liable of Sandra Fluke. When I am going out for lunch I normally tune into AM talk radio so I can soak up how those on other side of the political spectrum view issues. I caught Rush on day two of the Sandra Fluke story. He was venomous in …

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