1. Dana Hunter says

    I don’t care how long it takes as long as you come back safe. We’ll be here waiting for you! Let us know if there’s anything you need at any time.

  2. Bjarni says

    Good to hear you’re OK, hope you can manage to stay so!

    As above, I’ll be lurking when you get back :)

  3. FlyingToaster says

    Aha! You’re still kicking!

    Seriously, dude, deal with meatspace first. We in electronic space can wait.

  4. janeymack says

    Glad to see you checking in. Was starting to worry about you!

    Stay safe out there. We’ll be here when you get back.

  5. says

    Best of luck! I’m assuming you’ve been sucked into the usual madness of staff. If so, remember: a thick layer of cynicism and sarcasm will usually win the day.

  6. Drivebyposter says

    Good luck with whatever it is you are off doing. I’ll just be sitting here. Waiting for updates…sobbing gently…

  7. thepoint says

    5000 whining atheists vs the Great Prophet

    one applicant right here…

    get the POINT, Randi….

  8. says

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  9. operation archangel says

    rich millionaires with their heads up the arses

  10. procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now says

    Happy Thanksgiving AA. I hope you are able to spend time with family and/or friends and enjoy the bird. Looking forward to your return.

  11. mayanskeptic says


    we really enjoy your atheist forum

    do a search on youtube for skepticality

    a little souvenir

    it is the video about the PIGS

  12. jnorris says

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I do so hope you can communicate with your family and loved ones. I even more hope you can actually be with them soon. This goes for all those away from home now and especially all those serving us in the the US government!

  13. PatrickG says

    A respectful reminder that it is now early 2013. *cough*

    Random person on the internet wishes you well, and hopes you return to blogging soon!

  14. JohnnieCanuck says

    Looking forward to your immanent return to blogging, if only for a better class of spam and trolls.

  15. Opera Arches says

    the great theatre of ruin

  16. Ulysses says

    Is it just me, or are about 1 in 5 of the comments here from Dennis Markuze? ⌐_⌐

    Everyone needs a hobby. Markuze’s hobby is violating his probation.

  17. deltmachinery says

    How we won the James Randi Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

  18. F [is for fluvial] says

    Still hoping things are going well for you. I don’t read Twit very well, and there isn’t much content to follow.

    Hell, even if you never go back to blogging anywhere, I’m still rootin’ fer ya. Take care.

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