Black Hat Month

I lied, work is insane at the moment and will be until June. With great regrets, blog posts will be almost non existent until then. There goes real life interfering with my online existence. Even with weekends, I can’t really stay abreast of current events to the point of writing something that is better that “Hey, check out this link!”. Stupid pontificating and the time it takes to do it :(

So as a cop-out till I get back, “Hey check out this link!”


  1. Art says

    Hang tough.

    IMHO nobody has any right to ask you to do more than you can reasonably do. Write when you can. One of the good things about this forum is that here are others to keep eyes engaged while other need to take a break.

  2. nickmagerl says

    I was fortunate. I went through Ft Jackson for basic training. My Drill Sergeant let us rack out while the others went to Sunday services. She said sleep was more important than praying during training.


  3. Jim Christensen says

    I derive great amusement from an Army Officer and Atheist using the word assassin in the title of his blog.

    Of course,atheists per se have never been opposed to killing so its no big deal I suppose.

  4. Rob says

    *Reads Jim Christensen’s comment, snorts with contempt and turns his back to the ignorant dickwad*

  5. procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now says

    Stand down already. I miss your words of wisdom and wit. Hoping you will be back on the air soon.

  6. Bjarni says

    Damn, this has been a long month (and I bet it’s been a longer month for you).

    Hope you’re still ok out there in the wherever.

  7. SpriteSuzi says

    I was sad to see you were going to be away from us for a month, but I understand the military life and appreciated the heads up.

    It’s now been three months, and I’m getting really worried about you…hope all is well.

  8. says

    As others have mentioned, it’s been a while, so I hope you’re doing groovy and will be able to start posting again soon.


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