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The Worst Company in America

The Consumerist awards the 2012 Golden Poo.

Oh Internet, I love you and your rampant hate speech, terabytes of malware, and your silly little polls.

What company is the worst in America, dear reader? Is it oil companies and their nasty habits of employing PMCs to inflict violence in the third world or their less than stellar environmental record? Is it the banks and financial products markets that pushed consumers towards houses they could not afford and then delivered robo signed foreclosure notices (sometime to people who actually paid their loans)? What about the general government contractors who continue to rip off the taxpayer?

Nope, you’re wrong. Those companies pale in comparison to the true evil in our midst, Electronic Arts. Now some have said that while EA is bad, certainly there are companies that do much greater harm to the public. But EA has dared to charge extra money for game content. It has a bad habit of buying up the most innovative gaming start-ups just to destroy them; preventing gamers from enjoying anything but the bland and only semi inspired products that EA creates. The internet has decided that these transgressions are unparalleled in their maliciousness and the Consumerist has awarded EA its coveted 2012 Golden Poo.

At least we have our priorities straight, Bank of America will have to try harder next year.