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The Effects of Social Media on Trayvon Martin

Why The Blaze’s story makes me sad.

“However, if genuine, these Tweets may give us more insight into Martin’s enigmatic life and character.”

That last sentence from this article at The Blaze troubled me. The article is expressly about how Trayvon Martin had a twitter account and that some of his tweets appear juvenile (because he was a kid, after all) . The intent of the article is clear in my mind, it has that faint whiff of racism. What I take issue with is that many people say dumb stuff over social media, use it for dick jokes, or post obscene content; regardless of race. Yet the tweets cited by The Blaze mostly point towards a well known stereotype.

There is nothing enigmatic about a teenage boy’s social media hangouts, kids are kids. I believe the Blaze is just trying to impart a bit of bias into its readership. The most important thing about the Social Media habits of Trayvon Martin is that they have absolutely no bearing on this case. Unless Trayvon was explicitly threatening violence against Zimmerman and Zimmerman was aware, which did not happen. What were are left with is a picture of a youth expressing many of the styles of the culture he was immersed in and who might have also smoked Pot, but then again so did the President and the world’s best Olympian. His tweets serve no purpose in this case, more so because The Blaze itself has (at times) been calling on this case to  be handled through legal challenges only.

Beck’s rag has handled the Trayvon story in an interesting way so far. At times the site argues that best way to deal with this is through authorities, the high and mighty approach. Simultaneously, Beck himself has rolled this whole case into “Phase II” of the liberal master plan to destroy America. The Blaze has gone after Trayvon’s mother for reportedly attempting to copyright Trayvon’s name, using  a liberal amount of quote marks to further his insane conspiracy theory about the “movement” that Trayvon’s mother would like to “support” with her “activism”. Add to that Beck’s belief that somehow the New Black Panthers are a real threat to civil society, rather than the fringe jackasses they are and you can begin to see the web of lunacy that must be Beck’s thought process at this point.

But none of this stuff matters. What matters is Zimmerman’s reported story that Trayvon assaulted him and he retaliated with deadly for in self defense versus the police on scene who wanted to charge him and an incriminating 9-11 recording.

Social Media has its uses but, I this case I believe that it is a negative one. Trayvon might have not used the best online etiquette but, an article like the Blaze’s adds nothing but drama into an already complex event.

What do you think? Was the uses of Treyvon’s twitter feed warranted? Did it add anything productive to the conversation surrounding the circumstances of his death?