The Effects of Social Media on Trayvon Martin

Why The Blaze’s story makes me sad.

“However, if genuine, these Tweets may give us more insight into Martin’s enigmatic life and character.”

That last sentence from this article at The Blaze troubled me. The article is expressly about how Trayvon Martin had a twitter account and that some of his tweets appear juvenile (because he was a kid, after all) . The intent of the article is clear in my mind, it has that faint whiff of racism. What I take issue with is that many people say dumb stuff over social media, use it for dick jokes, or post obscene content; regardless of race. Yet the tweets cited by The Blaze mostly point towards a well known stereotype.

There is nothing enigmatic about a teenage boy’s social media hangouts, kids are kids. I believe the Blaze is just trying to impart a bit of bias into its readership. The most important thing about the Social Media habits of Trayvon Martin is that they have absolutely no bearing on this case. Unless Trayvon was explicitly threatening violence against Zimmerman and Zimmerman was aware, which did not happen. What were are left with is a picture of a youth expressing many of the styles of the culture he was immersed in and who might have also smoked Pot, but then again so did the President and the world’s best Olympian. His tweets serve no purpose in this case, more so because The Blaze itself has (at times) been calling on this case to  be handled through legal challenges only.

Beck’s rag has handled the Trayvon story in an interesting way so far. At times the site argues that best way to deal with this is through authorities, the high and mighty approach. Simultaneously, Beck himself has rolled this whole case into “Phase II” of the liberal master plan to destroy America. The Blaze has gone after Trayvon’s mother for reportedly attempting to copyright Trayvon’s name, using  a liberal amount of quote marks to further his insane conspiracy theory about the “movement” that Trayvon’s mother would like to “support” with her “activism”. Add to that Beck’s belief that somehow the New Black Panthers are a real threat to civil society, rather than the fringe jackasses they are and you can begin to see the web of lunacy that must be Beck’s thought process at this point.

But none of this stuff matters. What matters is Zimmerman’s reported story that Trayvon assaulted him and he retaliated with deadly for in self defense versus the police on scene who wanted to charge him and an incriminating 9-11 recording.

Social Media has its uses but, I this case I believe that it is a negative one. Trayvon might have not used the best online etiquette but, an article like the Blaze’s adds nothing but drama into an already complex event.

What do you think? Was the uses of Treyvon’s twitter feed warranted? Did it add anything productive to the conversation surrounding the circumstances of his death?


  1. Alverant says

    I was at MSNBC where rep Bush (D-IL) was taken off the Senate floor for wearing a hoodie (technically allowed but a hat is not) and the comments where disgusting over a dozen pages of racist comments and only a few against. I don’t belive the depths of racism at a supposedly “left wing” news site.

  2. Brownian says

    What do you think? Was the uses of Treyvon’s twitter feed warranted? Did it add anything productive to the conversation surrounding the circumstances of his death?

    What’s important here is that the right person is investigated to the fullest extent the media and authorities can do, and beyond.

    By “the right person” I of course mean the victim.

  3. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Beck et al are leaving no stone unturned so Zimmerman can literally get away with murder.

    • Makoto says

      Very true. But the Grand Jury can only work with facts actually collected, and many of the reports about this case indicate that the facts weren’t properly gathered at the time of the shooting.

    • gwen says

      Some facts can not be collected, thanks to the incompetence of the police on scene, such as collecting Zimmerman’s clothing, taking photos of Zimmerman and drug and alcohol testing him. All SOP in any other police department. Some other facts cannot be changed, such as the fact that daddy is a retired State Supreme Court Justice and mom is a retired Court Clerk, and that carries a lot of weight on Zimmerman’s side.. Trayvon has only a Skittles and an iced tea.

  4. BobApril says

    Reporting the tweets was inappropriate and irrelevant. Martin’s school suspensions are irrelevant. His alleged drug use is irrelevant. His five murder convictions (if he had them, which he doesn’t) would be irrelevant.

    What IS relevant is that he was unarmed, engaged in a legal and peaceful activity, in an area where he was legally allowed to be, when he was accosted by a Marshall Dillon wanna-be, eager to dish out some frontier justice. I haven’t heard anyone mention this…but doesn’t the “Stand Your Ground” law apply equally (at least) to Martin as to Zimmerman? Isn’t it possible that Martin felt threatened by this person following him and confronting him – and that any violence he may have committed was simply him “standing his ground?”

    Of course, we can’t ask him. Zimmerman made sure of that.

    • mithrandir says

      Zimmerman has alleged, as part of his self-defense claim, that Trayvon Martin initiated the altercation that eventually ended in Martin’s death.

      One point on which all accounts agree is that there were two encounters, and that the first ended in Martin evading Zimmerman. Zimmerman claims that the second encounter began by Martin jumping him from behind while Zimmerman was returning to his truck – and this is the only narrative which is consistent with the known physical facts and still exonerates Zimmerman in any way.

      Unfortunately, there is no direct evidence, apart from Zimmerman’s testimony, for that scenario. Therefore, in order for Zimmerman’s claim to cause a reasonable doubt as to his guilt, I think Zimmerman would pretty much have to attack Martin’s character, i.e. to demonstrate that Martin was the sort of person who, being unarmed, would nevertheless attempt to attack Zimmerman after having already escaped at least once.

      Personally, I think that scenario is patently absurd. But if, for example, Martin did have a violent criminal record as long as your arm, I might think the scenario somewhat less absurd.

      • gwen says

        The photo the family put out was 7 years out of date. Zimmerman was a buffed 5’9″ 250lb 28yr old man. Trayvon was a scrawny 6’3″ 140lb 17yr old– do the math…

        • Dalillama says

          Seriously. I’m a bit over half Zimmerman’s size (5’9″, 140), and from the pictures of Martin I have trouble imagining a circumstance where I’d consider him a serious threat to my well being.

  5. jufulu says

    @5 BobApril, bingo, spot on. To twist circumstances, what would have been the result if Tryvon had taken Zimmerman’s gun from him and shot Zimmerman. Would Treyvon have been allowed the stand your ground defended? (Question is rhetorical.)

  6. alexmartin says

    I am a black man, or more popularly, “African-American”. I speak to you as someone who was initially just as enraged as any of you at the apparent racism and injustice involved in the Trayvon Martin killing (,or out-and-out murder, as I saw it then). I have since had time to cool down and, as facts and information has continued to trickle in, to reassess my viewpoint.

    The facts of the case as related by the supposed witnesses, what I have come to learn about the young Martin and his criminal and other activities (burglary, theft, self-acknowledged drug dealing, anti-social behaviors), and what I have learned about the killer in this case now give me pause, and reason to re-examine my initial knee-jerk reaction to the unquestionable outrage that is this young mans’ killing.

    Martin should not be dead. Zimmerman should not have disobeyed a sensible command (of sorts) by police dispatch not to pursue Martin.

    Other than that, I do not know for sure what happened that night in Florida when Zimmerman shot Martin.

    Neither do any of you.

    I now have reason to believe that Zimmerman was in fact walking back to his car after his encounter with Martin. That Martin did in fact attack Zimmerman from behind, striking him in the back of the head, perhaps, with an object. That there was a struggle between the two. That Zimmerman was on the ground defending against Martin, astride him, pummeling him, as witnesses report.

    At some point soon afterward, Martin was shot once and died.
    That’s all any of us “know”, or can know at this point.

    Perhaps it was that the 17 year-old Martin felt threatened, stalked. Maybe Zimmerman had racist motives after all. “We” (you and I and the “President” who loooooves us black folk so)
    just don’t know.

    Stop crying “racism” at every opportunity, will ya?
    You’re possibly acting “stupidly”, as some cretin once put it.

    Powerful forces want to use us useful idiots as enablers and fodder in the war against the coherence of the American union, it seems. To create, among other things, an unbridgeable gap between the races, to irreparably divide the masses along social and political lines; to fan and inflame grievances and bitterness and acrimony; to create and exploit anger; to put match to powder keg, for reasons I will not cite.

    Please, do yourself a favor: don’t play along. Please.
    You cut the limb you perch upon. That limb hangs from a tree perched precariously over a cliff on the edge of hell.

    • F says

      Racism: Now, it doesn’t have to be full-on KKK mentality to be racism. Racism is endemic, and sometimes “subtle” if you aren’t the object of racism or you aren’t paying particular attention.

      But did you listen to what Zimmerman said in his conversation with the 911 operator? Did you read the things he had said to his neighbors? Its all pretty racist. It doesn’t mean that Zimmerman consciously had it in for Black people, but it sure sounds like it at times.

      Zimmerman, if nothing else, had delusions of power, grandeur, and importance. He had no business getting in Martin’s face in the first place. The dispatcher told him not to do so. Zimmerman was spoiling for a confrontation, so he was in the wrong from the start.

      P.S., You are Black, or African-American, or whatever you prefer when that distinction is a part of conversation. However you personally wish to be referred to should be honored.

  7. Art says

    Given that recent videos, from the police department no less, seem to show Zimmerman uninjured, the whole story about Trayvon physically assaulting him is in question.

    Also important is the seldom mentioned fact that Zimmerman was following Trayvon in a truck for some time. Anyone who has been on foot and been followed by someone in a vehicle knows how intimidating and belittling it can be. The driver getting out of the vehicle is something of a relief. Relief that naturally gives way to anger and, sometimes, a desire to retaliate.

    A natural desire to retaliate resisted, Zimmerman was not showing any injury, seems to suggest Zimmerman was the attacker.

    Based on the evidence it looks more and more like Zimeraman hunted down and killed Trayvon and then turned around and claimed Trayvon attacked him to avoid prosecution.

  8. alexmartin says

    Yes, the “Media” and “Media” coverage. Yes, indeed.
    I will state unequivocally, with all certitude, that the “Mainstream Media” wishes vehemently to further the Obama agenda and to see him reelected.


    So that all minds are clear I will state as self-evident fact that, far from a mere liberal bias, the mask has been utterly discarded to reveal the true nature of the modern day Fourth Estate: it, the popular “media”, et al, is in fact the wholly owned propaganda wing of the Left, the popular-level mouthpiece of the present and all leftist (Democrat) government, the incestuous bedfellow to same and critical conveyor belt of disinformation to and behavioural conditioning of the masses.

    Further, there is a false dichotomy and the pretense of opposition in the form of Fox News. They compromise Controlled Opposition. A false Left-Right paradigm is created for you, and you dutifully fly at each others’ throats on “Left” and “Right”, as Bernays and Goebbels and Marx prescribed. Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, is a self-described communist who resides in China. A classical Hegelian dialectical is being played out for you and by you, but the conclusion of this hideous play is forgone. The world shall be as you think you desire and envision it. You can chill out and relax in that regard. Robespierre shall be resurrected. You will have your lusted after, bloody Revolution.

    My delusional conspiracy theory? Don’t be a duped fool.

    If you have any wits left about you, note the tone and timber of popular national news coverage. They believe what you believe and foster what you desire to foster. An example is that the “news” told you that Zimmerman’s alibi was indefensible, there were no injuries to his person, that his story was purely fabricated. They told you this. There was not even the attempt at distanced, disinterested objectivity.

    Did you ask yourself why? No, you did not.
    Do you feel cheated, scammed, manipulated? No, you do not.

    That’s fine. But I warn you, prosaically. Even now some rough beast, its hour come around at last, slouches toward your Babylon to be born.

    • Art says

      As we all know ‘reality has a liberal bias’. LOL.

      You are so deluded that you think you’re enlightened.

      And if by chance this helps gets Obama reelected and/or brings about a socialist revolution that puts the bankers, speculators, corporatists, and rentiers against the wall … then so be it.

      I don’t see a down side. It would be the one ray of light and hope to come from this event.

  9. alexmartin says

    Dead thread, certainly, but Art…
    You fervently desire a “socialist revolution” that puts your fellow (American?) citizen “against the wall”?

    You are by your own admission, sir, a mass murder after the mold of Robespierre, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and the like.

    What’s more, friend, what you desire to affect shall in fact occur, I believe, and in relatively short order.

    You will be there to pull the trigger, to pile up the bodies. You’ll dare not layabout and leave the slaughter and excision to your fellows; your loyality must be demonstrable and unquestionably, lest you yourself be marked as an enemy of the State. But beware, sir: as history relates, the cull invariably extends to the hapless, excess peasant dupes who helped to bring about the Terror.

    Soon enough then, your back will be to that same blood and ichor-spattered wall as well.

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