Jesus In Space

Jesus’ irrefutable role in the final frontier.

First and foremost, WorldNutDaily is linking to an article in slate where the author has made the logical conclusion that John Carter is a VERY Christian movie, because fighting aliens is clearly a Christian allegory. The movie does seem to pick up on a few points of the Christ myth…as it does the Osiris myth… and dozens of other deity stories.

Secondly, the story about the unfair religious persecution of David Coppage made it onto POTUS this morning. Coppage, as you might recall, was fired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Coppage claims that the reason for his pink slip was that he supported Intelligent Design.  The “Discovery” institute is hoping that this case will go beyond the actual issue of employment and slides into an argument about ID, let’s hope it does not.

“The question is whether the plaintiff was fired simply because he was wasting people’s time and bothering them in ways that would have led him to being fired regardless of whether it was about religion or whether he was treated worse based on the religiosity of his beliefs,” said Volokh. “If he can show that, then he’s got a good case.”


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I suspect JPL will try to show Coppage was proselytizing on company time and continued to do so even after complaints were made and he was told to stop.

  2. Trebuchet says

    AA, sorry for the off-topic, but can you do something about the tiny type that shows up in some of your posts, like this one? I’m getting old(er) and it’s tough to read.

  3. says

    Noah’s boat finally comes to rest as the flood waters recede, and he lowers the gangway and send the animals out calling to them, “Go forth and multiply”.

    Most of the animals leave, but two snakes are left behind. Noah looks at them, and commands “Go forth and multiply!”

    The snakes look at him but do not move. He tries again, “Go forth and multiply!” The snakes do not move.

    Noah gets angry and in his most commanding voice shouts, “Go forth and multiply!”

    The snakes look up at him and say, “We can’t, we’re adders”.

    Noah thinks for a while, then grabs his saw and hammer and runs off into the forest, where he cuts down a tree. He saws and hammers and builds a small table. He carefully picks up the snakes and puts them on the table.

    “Go forth and multiply!” he commands.

    The snakes look at each other, and then at Noah. “We can’t, we’re adders”.

    “Yes”, Noah replies, “but, even adders can multiply on a log table”.

  4. Rufus says

    Don’t WingNut Daily have a history of doing the whole “it’s not a movie, it’s a giant international green communitst conspiracy about the treatment of [insert whichever local group the author feels like oppressing today]”, with Avatar?

  5. yoav says

    or whether he was treated worse based on the religiosity of his beliefs,”

    I thought the dishonesty institute was supposed to pretend ID is not a religious position, somebody didn’t read the memo.

    • thebookofdave says

      That’s why I don’t share AA’s apprehension over the DI sticking their neck out in a religious discrimination case. Every time ID gets put on the stand, the world gets another peek beneath the lab coat, and sees what it wears to the Sunday meeting. They must be pretty desperate to seek out this kind of attention.

  6. says

    Since I watched the movie, I’ve gone back to read the books. After the first, Carter and his offspring continually disprove the religious superstitions of the Barsoomian peoples. The books, while glamourizing violence and sexism, are quite anti-religious.

  7. says

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