1. Nathan says

    I think that’s the emblem for the United Federation of Planets. AA this might just be an elaborate Star Trek joke.

    • Steve says

      Sort of. But like the UN logo it’s based on, it uses (olive?) branches and not these things all the way around.

      But he also got the Klingon emblems wrong. The left triangle in the trefoil should point downwards.

      All the talk about blood, honor, conquest and death certainly sounds Klingon

  2. sailor1031 says

    You know of course that ‘blood and honour’ is the direct translation of ‘Blut und Ehre’ the motto of the Hitler Youth? The phrase was taken from the Title of the Nuernberg Race laws of 1935. As ‘blood and honour’ it is used by skinheads and neo-nazis.

    Remebering the recent incident of a marine sniper team posing with an SS flag, sometimes I worry just a little about the military. Are they really that clueless?

    • resident_alien says

      That’s precisely what I was thinking.Even if it’s not a concious allusion to the Hitler Youth/Nazism,it comes from a sentiment/worldview to close to it for comfort.My stomach just tied itself into a knot…

  3. bbgunn says

    Is that figure in the middle supposed to be the christian saint, St. Sebastian? According to Wikipedia, he’s one of the military martyrs and supposedly was shot full of arrows.

  4. BGT says

    Crap, I hope that whiteboard is satire.

    Blut und Ehre. What a stupid thing for a US service member to ape.

  5. bahrfeldt says

    “Blood and Honor”, “Death before Dishonor” are invariably lines foisted upon others by people with no honor and great fear of bleeding, let alone dying.

  6. passerby says

    Ultimate proof of my nerdness: I saw that and immediately thought it belonged on a Space Marine battle standard.

    You have the blind faith, macho slogans, bigotry and subservience to an Emperor. That’s the Adeptus Astartes in a nutshell, my friends.

    And people wonder why I play Tau…*grumble*

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