My Leave Hath Been Approved For RBB

Game on

Today I got my leave approved for heading to Ft. Bragg for the wondrous, free, and open to public event that is Rock Beyond Belief. Ed, you owe me beers (for no particular reason) and Justin owes me absolutely nothing (never take from Soldiers). But if one of you can get Richard Dawkins (and anyone else who can put marker to cloth) to sign one of my Squadron T-Shirts, my fellow godless officers who can’t attend are planning on getting it framed and hung in our Operations office.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED


Attached is my flight information and Leave form for 30MAR-03APR. The reason for this request is to attend Rock Beyond Belief at Ft. Bragg and visit friends before they PCS OCONUS .


Assassin Actual



Office: (XXX) XXX-4539

Cell: (XXX) XXX-8807

“The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.” ~ George Orwell

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED