Limbaugh Fo-Pologizes

Somehow Rush blames Liberals for his liable of Sandra Fluke.

When I am going out for lunch I normally tune into AM talk radio so I can soak up how those on other side of the political spectrum view issues. I caught Rush on day two of the Sandra Fluke story. He was venomous in his relentless and wall-to-wall attacks and I began to wonder why he was spending so much time on the issue. Clearly, he is not obsessed with lady parts. In my opinion, Rush’s actions significantly impacted the Republican position in the contraception debate, and not positively.

In America, the Religious freedom position is politically tenable although a position of last resort. Remember that in the end days of Slavery and Jim Crow the Religious Freedom argument was brought forth and even today the tactic is used in defense of in-defendable Intelligent Design, among other issues. The Republicans might have held the debate if they stayed on target with the RF position despite the Democrat’s protests. That is, of course, Rush started to talk about Sandra Fluke.

Rush’s fluke was that he, in all actuality, probably didn’t know that his position was so far out of the mainstream. He handed the Democrats an Ace. Now the idea that the Republicans are anti-Woman’s health is demonstrable and the left is playing its much improved hand with gusto.

Facing mounting pressure from fellow conservatives and seeing advertisers flee his program, Rush finally apologized. But the simple act of admitting personal fault didn’t mean that Rush actually had to admit personal fault. He pinned the whole thing on Liberals. What. The. Fuck.

“In short, he said, he had a moment of weakness and stooped to the left’s level.” – The Blaze

How? I mean HOW?

Did Sandra start off by calling Rush a huge bag full of shit? No. Rush started it. If you start such an insane rant against an activist, how are you the one who is stooping?

“In fighting them [liberals] I became like them,” Limbaugh explained.  “I do not think she is either of those two words. I did not think last week she was either of those two words.”

Rush. I listened to you obsess over the intimate working of Sanda Fluke’s genitals, the brain above them, and the genitals that created her for two motherfucking hours. You either meant every vile word or you were just stirring up controversy within your own audience, complete in the knowledge that what you said is absolutely untrue. I have been listening to you for years and every time I think that I know for certain if you’re the paid-off puppet master that I think you are or just one of the puppets, you say something of such a high (almost laudable) level of idiocy that I have to reassess what, if anything, makes you tick.

Rush also claimed that seeing his advertisers leave his program did not impact his decision to fo-poligize. Which begs the question; why not retract his statement on Day 2?

“Everyone was being true to their nature, except me.”

That’s the only thing he said that is moderately true. You had to go against your nature and apologize, even if you didn’t really apologize at all.

Someone please link me to pictures of cats, I am far too angry.

 If you decide to click my source link and are as pissed as me, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT look at the comments.

(Source: The Blaze [You know how they reacted to the apology, click for confirmation])


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Limbaugh has apologized for his use of “slut” and “prostitute” in describing Fluke. He has not apologized for his sneers at her promoting insurance paid contraception.

    Also I don’t believe him when he claims he’s not influenced by advertisers dropping his program. He makes a very good living by being a rightwing, bullying blowhard. He has got to be worried about the people who actually pay him money deciding they don’t want to give him any more money.

  2. ema says

    “In short, he said, he had a moment of weakness and stooped to the left’s level.”

    Ah, what a delicious use of propaganda. I wish we’d employ the technique more often (or, even once).

    For example, the second Limbaugh asked for videos, the “Limbaugh wants patients who use Viagra/have vasectomies to post sex videos so he can watch the men have sex” should’ve been deployed right away.

  3. rork says

    “You either meant every vile word or you were just stirring up controversy within your own audience, complete in the knowledge that what you said is absolutely untrue. ”
    It’s talk radio. Don’t they make you have a sign saying “whore” right on the door? Even if not, I think I know who the slut is this time.

  4. jamessweet says

    Don’t forget that in his initial not-pology, he basically said, “I’m sorry I called her a prostitute. But since we’re paying her to have sex, she should send us a video tape.” That’s not apologizing, that’s doubling down!

    It would be like if I said: “I’m sorry for calling Rush Limbaugh a piece of shit. But since he is in fact made of human excrement, somebody should flush his lying ass down a toilet.” THAT’S NOT AN APOLOGY!

  5. Art says

    What this looks like to me is that Limbaugh has made a career, he has only had one job, radio talker, of sneering and stirring up hate to make undereducated white males feel better about themselves. He has shown a willingness to lie, cheat and twist the truth to this ends. He gets away with it by controlling the message. He operates his show in a bubble of unreality. Who gets on is tightly controlled and when he needs to make a point he is willing to pay people call and read a script. These often include gratuitous praise of his efforts and how he represents ‘real Americans’.

    Problem is his bubble doesn’t include most women and he slides easily and crudely toward locker room humor and flaming misogyny. Blacks, browns, liberals, and ‘those people’ get the same contempt but women are a major target. Problem is that women are roughly half the population. A candidate can just about win election with the votes of women alone. Alienating Hispanics might shift your odds but seriously alienating women is politically fatal.

    Rush’s show is literally a gift to radio stations trying to cheaply fill hours. It is distributed for free in most markets. Most stations don’t pay for his content. So as long as he doesn’t drive off advertising he is a shoe-in. As entertainment, Limbaugh’s fallback position is that he is simply an entertainer performing an act for an audience, he is profitable as a platform for advertising. Take that away and radio stations are going to look around for other programming they can get at low cost. Free is an attractive price as long as it doesn’t drive off the advertisers who pay the bills.

    How this shakes out may depend on what alternatives are available to fill a couple of hours a day.

  6. StevoR says

    If you decide to click my source link and are as pissed as me, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT look at the comments.

    I read the comments. I should have taken your advice. I feel nauseous.

  7. says

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