1. Paul Weaver says

    And within a month or so you should get the last of the desert sand snot out of your system – welcome home!

  2. lordshipmayhem says

    Welcome back to as close as this planet comes to “civilization”. At least here, the people shooting at you aren’t brain-dead idiots who think you’re an evil apostate. They’re nearsighted idiots who think you’re a moose.

  3. F says

    Swwet. Enjoy the amenities and the Archer.

    Please tell me that’s a smoke grenade.

    Okay. it’s not though.

  4. tim rowledge, Ersatz Haderach says

    For a moment there I thought you were a fan of The Archers, the BBC radio soap that has been running since before the creationists claim the Earth was made. Somehow the idea of a US cavalry officer cosying up to his radio to tune in to hear the latest goings on in Ambridge just seems charming.
    If none of this makes sense, just talk to some British Army colleague or other.


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