• Makoto says

      Wow, Newt moved fast on his idea. Maybe he made his moonbase into a Kickstartr project or something so he didn’t have to wait to be elected to his second term…

  1. RealityBasedSteve says

    What about OPSEC??? Why on CSI (insert favorite city here) they would just take that picture, pop it into the computer, say “enhance”, and then run it through a database of all know geographic sites to determine your exact location.

    Wishing you well,

    Steve Wagner

    • F says

      Well, knowing the exact time the image was taken, and observing the light source, I’ll bet image experts could narrow down the location pretty well.

  2. eoleen says

    Hope you’ve got a bunch of M18A1’s (aka “greenies”) all nicely emplaced on the brow of that-there hill….

  3. Trebuchet says

    Assuming that’s the country I think it is, people have been fighting over it for centuries. Every time I see a picture I wonder “Why?”

    • Paul Weaver says

      Nah, we’ve only been “fighting” over that land since WWII.

      Usually pretty nice at this time of year – until the dust storms come in, then it’s just time to hunker down and let it pass.

      At least you get the sweet smell of CS to regularly clear your sinuses out!

      • says

        Ding Ding Ding, Winners always recognize the box. I am now an OC apparently. Cobra 11C. This COP got knocked out later that night. 110 Opfor assaulting the objective and doing a textbook breach.

        I thought the BFA’s would give it away.

        Even better, the platoon i’m OC’n lost a set of NVGs on the damn hill. Even better it was when their SCO came to visit and observe training, even better the BDE CO landed on his blackhawk 10 minutes later, Even Better it took 5 damn hours to find them.

        Train 2 win

        • 'Tis Himself, OM says

          I thought the BFA’s would give it away.

          The British Florist Association would never do that! :-þ

          • says

            BFA = Blank Firing adapter. Blank rounds have a lower powder charge than normal bullets so you have to block the barrel to achieve sufficient pressure for the weapon to properly cycle (read: get another round in the breach). This also acts as a safety mechanism as it reduces the flame and carbon that would otherwise get ejected from the barrel.

          • 'Tis Himself, OM says

            Sorry, I was a nuke Machinist’s Mate in the Navy ever so many years ago. We worked with different things than you Army guys so we had different jargon. Would you like to have

            Trim and drain,
            Shaft and main,
            3B, 4B

            explained to you?

            Even if you don’t, this bit of doggerel gives the power supplies for the trim pump and drain pump and the shaft lube oil pump and main turbine lube oil pumps in 594, 637 and 688 class submarines. (I don’t know about other classes, I only served in one 594 class boat and heard the 637 and 688 class boats were similar to the 594 class). The trim pump (large pump used to move water between VBTs [Variable Ballast Tanks]) and the shaft lube oil pump are powered off Battery Bus #3. Tthe drain pump (used to pump large tanks like Sanitary Tank #2 and the Waste Oil Collection Tank) and the shaft lube oil pump are powered from Battery Bus #4.

            Aren’t you sorry you didn’t ask?

          • 'Tis Himself, OM says

            Oops, sorry, the flying fingers made a mistook.

            The drain pump and main turbine lube oil pumps were powered from 4B (Battery Bus #4).

  4. says

    Only the one M120 Heavy Mortar? Better than nothing, I guess.

    Getting any Calls for Fire done while you’re out? That’s always a blast (no pun intended) and will be one of the few things I miss after transferring out of Field Artillery.

  5. Art says

    You might want to contact the engineers and see if they can bring in the divisional landscape architect and their platoon of elite airmobile gardeners. The things they can do with an entrenching tool is amazing.

    I’m thinking some ground cover, a few specimen plants, a bit of hardscaping (A nice brick BBQ pit and smoker, perhaps a large chimnea), and a few small drought tolerant trees will make it all very homey. With some hard work yours may be the first COP to win the good-housekeeping seal of approval. Wouldn’t that be fabulous.

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