Eye of the Lawsuit

Newt Gingrich has be sued for violating copyright in pursuit of his integral montage.

Yesterday Rude Music Inc, owned by Survivor’s songwriter Frank Sullivan, sued the Republican Presidential hopeful for violation of copyright. Sullivan alleges that Mr. Gingrich has been prefacing many of his appearances by blasting the song “Eye of the Tiger” before going on stage without first licensing the song since 2009.

Other politicians have similarly earned the ire of musicians with differing political views but, given the double digit lead that Mr. Romney has gained in polling it may be time for Mr. Gingrich to pick a different song anyway.

(Source: CBS News)


  1. F says

    We’ve been here before. A lot of the pro-IP crowd, including legislators and industry members themselves, routinely infringe on copyright (performance rights or what have you). It just goes to show that they are completely full of shit.

  2. Art says

    Music from ’82’, I had to look it up, kind of highlights The Fig’s long lost glory days. It might resonate with a lot of Teabaggers who were also having their salad days in the early 80s and reinforce their identification with the lost cause and politics of bitter resentment but it also puts their loser status in high relief.

    Of course The Fig is largely immune to the irony because he is shielded by his wealth and any loss politically is offset by his material gain. The $300,000 fine for ethics violations was just the cost of doing business and easily discounted. Kind of like the ‘not much’, north of $300,000, income Willard gets for speaking in a year.

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