Alaska Airlines Ends Prayer Card Service

In response to customer reactions, airline axes mixing prayer and air travel.

 Two days ago Alaska Airlines broke with thirty years of tradition by ending the practice of distributing “Prayer Cards” with meals out respect to company’s diverse group of consumers and their many faith traditions or lack thereof.

What I find interesting is that up until 2006, the airline conducted meal service to the entire plane and during that time most responses to the prayer cards were positive. However, after 2006 meals only were served in First Class and the reviews became more and more negative until the airline preemptively removed the cards. Which says something about demographics, but I am too biased to draw any conclusions.

Anyhow, huzzah for small victories.

(Source: The T and D)


  1. jamessweet says

    The God Delusion was published in 2006… just sayin’…

    I too am far too biased to really be pronouncing on this, but it seems logical to me that prior to the rise of the New Atheism, the silent hordes of Alaska Airlines customers who found the cards annoying or offensive were content to simply roll their eyes and stuff the card in the vomit bag; but that now those same people are inclined to at least fill out a comment card making their voice heard. Not so much a demographic shift (though that may play a role as well), but a shift in the predominant attitudes of the godless.

      • Nomen Nescio says

        oh. here i was already thinking it was prayers that the plane wouldn’t crash in the bush five hundred miles from the nearest human, that the mechanics hadn’t substituted whale blubber for lube oil, that the pilot wouldn’t turn out to be a caffeine-addicted polar bear, …

  2. tort says

    My theory, which I have no reason to believe is true would be that no one likes being proselytised to but that most would have liked the idea of the communal feeling of everyone getting prayer cards. I’d imagine reminders of Jesus might also feel like a subtle rebuke when you are flying first class.

  3. I amafreeman says

    Hmmm? Only in first-class? Hmmmm? Gives one pause….

    So, Those flying First-class didn’t want to be bothered with christianity/jesus/the bibel? May we safely assume that those in first-class can indeed AFFORD to fly first-class? Then I believe we can safely assume that they must have MORE MONEY than, say, 98% of those in “steerage” (there are always a couple of tightwads flying steerage).

    What to make of this….

  4. says

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