John Edward, Relationship Genius

I actually still can’t believe this happened.

Today was a long one, eleven and a half hours. Consequently I didn’t get to read or write much but this, sadly, caught my eye.

Apparently the reason Kim Kardashian got a divorce was because her father told her to. Even better, her father is dead. Even better, the information was relayed to Kim via John Fracking Edward, yes THAT John Edward, the very paragon of morality.

Now I thankfully only have secondary exposure to the Kardashian clan through when comedians make fun of her or that Playboy spread that got passed around a while ago. So I will hold off complete judgment. But the part of me that does judge is laughing its ass off.

(Source: Mediaite)


  1. Irene Delse says

    Actually, in the article you link to, they say it’s the psychic John Edward (without “s” in the end), not “that John Edwards”.

  2. The Lorax says

    So THIS is where Hollywood gets all its relationship advice. Suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

  3. Garrett says

    I’m sure that was her plan all along, but it’s hilarious that she’s crediting this guy. I wonder if he paid her to say so.

  4. OverlappingMagisteria says

    At least is just a Kardashian. Now if a John Edward supporter says “But Kim Kardashian trusts him so it must be true!” they will be intellectually obligated to smack themselves across the face.

  5. hamkap says

    Yeah, someone beat me to it…..John Edward is not the same John Edwards, (whom we all know and “love”), but he is another hack….he is a clairvoyant; the dead speak to him!…and he’s from my area of Long Island….I once had to do a singing telegram to him during the taping of his cable show and he didn’t appreciate when I said to him….”But I guess, given that you communicate with the dead, you already knew I was coming to surprise you with this singing telegram”!

  6. Trebuchet says

    Kim Kardashian’s father also thought O.J. was innocent. He was the guy who, during the low-speed chase, read O.J.’s “suicide note” claiming to be an “abused husband” to the media. Perhaps John Edward needs to tell us what he thinks of Simpson now.


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