Dead Kittens

The side effects of American Politics.

I believe most Americans are unsettled by how vehement our political discussion frequently gets. Occasionally the seething pot of hatred +1 boils over and something sad happens. This is one of those times. Sometimes the event makes us all step back, if only for a second, and pontificate on all the politically biased bile we all too often spew at each other. This will probably not be one of those times.

Recently Jake Burris, Arkansas congressional candidate Ken Aden’s campaign manager, came home to find his kid’s pet cat dead on his porch. Some outstanding individual decided it was completely appropriate to bash the creature’s head in and scrawl the word “Liberal” on the corpse (click for picture).

Stay Classy, America.

(Source: Gawker)


  1. cthulhusminion says

    It gets even nastier: the radio station owned by Womack’s father broadcast the home addresses and phone numbers of both Aden and Burris multiple times.

  2. says

    A Facebook friend pointed out that anyone who’s willing to do this to a cat stands a good chance of being willing to do it to a human. It’s minor as terrorist acts go, but that’s irrelevant to the family who lost a pet.

  3. Kemist says

    Why am I not surprised that religious conservatives are also sadistic, sociopathic, disgusting little creeps ?

    Must be that awful “god” thing they’re trying to emulate.

    Fits them like a glove.

    what kind of person thinks it is okay to do that to a cat?

    Disturbingly enough, the same kind of people who think it’s ok to do it to humans, but who restrain themselves solely out of fear of punishment. They also tend to mentally and/or physically torture those weaker than them if they think they can get away with it.

    In other words, human trash who will render a great service to us all non-sociopaths when they start decomposing.

  4. F says

    Makes me wonder whether this is a crowd-inspired event or if we have a semi-latent psychopath in that neighborhood.

    Messed up.

  5. Yoritomo says

    BrianX @4:

    It’s minor as terrorist acts go, but that’s irrelevant to the family who lost a pet.

    Maybe I have the wrong cultural associations, but I saw that as an immediate threat to Burris’ life, a kind of final warning: “Stop what you’re doing, or next time we’ll get you!” I don’t think a burning cross on my lawn would scare me more.

  6. Kemist says

    A Facebook friend pointed out that anyone who’s willing to do this to a cat stands a good chance of being willing to do it to a human.

    Of course.

    Doesn’t mean that they’re actual killers. However, they are sadists and bullies – people who get off on other creatures’ pain and distress.

    Most of them manage not to do any actual criminal act. But you can see their true nature in the way they treat people who are weaker than them – physical or psychological harrasment that gets worse when the victim expresses suffering. Small things – namecalling, humiliations, disparaging comments, betrayals of personal secrets, behaviors specifically designed to make the other person suffer. When confronted by people more powerful than them, they react with denial or false contrition.

    I was harrassed by such people for most of childhood and teenagehood. I deeply despise them. They are human jackals who should never be trusted, especially around children.

  7. lordshipmayhem says

    My reaction to this act of vicious stupidity was to gave my cat a big dose of affection. May she never know the pain and terror this cat knew in its final minutes.

    I cannot see how anything that wants to call itself “human”, much less “civilized human”, could possibly lower itself to do something anywhere near as cruel as this to a beloved, helpless, innocent member of someone’s family. I hope the perpetrator is caught, jailed and forbidden from ever owning an animal ever.

  8. Tom Robbins says

    just like to point out that the second anonymous picks this up, anyone involved is 400 different kinds of fucked, and rightly so.

  9. embertine says

    I find it interesting that many of you have implied that torturing and murdering a pet cat is not a criminal act in the US. It sure as hell is here in the UK, and you can serve prison time for it. Leaving aside for a moment the fact that this nutter is quite likely to harm a human, they would still face charges, surely?

    • Kemist says

      Face charges, probably yes – if only for harrassment / death threats and animal cruelty. And there’s always a possibility to press civil charges and obtain psychological damage money.

      Prison time, I’m afraid not.

      Quite possibly, I would hope, an extensive psychiatric evaluation. No amount of crowd inspiration justifies such actions. A “person”, if we can call it so, who does this is not a good person and never will be. It can be, at most, trained not to act on its instincts but can never, ever be thrusted without strict surveillance around people or creatures which are weaker than it is because will always remain a sadist, a person with an appetite for other creatures’s pain.

    • machintelligence says

      Sometimes it seems like in the USA you are more likely to do jail time for cruelty to animals than for abusing your kids.

      • Kemist says

        Well, from the opposition to children’s rights I’ve heard from some americans, it could well be the case. Some people do seem to think of their kids as property. Just like pets in fact.

        It’s my impression that you have more chances to be jailed in the US for such benign things as smoking pot than for hitting your kids or killing your neighbor’s cat.

        In cases of animal cruelty however, I would make a neat distinction between those who mistreat animals because of negligence, profit or illness, such as puppy mills or frail old people who keep dozens of cats and dogs in insalubrious conditions, and acts of pure sadism just like this one.

        Contrarily to puppy mills operators and crazy cat ladies, sadists are actually dangerous to humans, and are quite likely to abuse kids or vulnerable people.

    • says

      In some states it’s a property crime IIRC.

      Also IIRC (been a while since the class), most animal abuse laws tend to be punished with fines and confiscation of animals.

  10. Phledge says

    The relationship between animal abuse/mutilation/killings and likelihood to perform similar harm to humans is well established. Mais bien sûr, there will be shock and bewilderment when this candidate and/or hir staff is injured and/or killed.

    • StevoR says

      Two words in that respect : Gabrielle Giffords.

      Have we learnt nothing from that incident? Or others?

      The hyper-partisan, dehuumanising OTT politico-cultural atmosphere needs to cool down. Stuff like this needs to be called out by all sides as utterly unacceptable and anyone who has contributed to it shamed and socially held to account

  11. Otrame says

    Those who vilify and demonize their opponents in political discourse occasionally “hook” a sick person who will violently agree with them. Thus, the “patriot” movement, while consisting almost entirely of a bunch of losers who played soldier in the woods as a hobby, spawned Tim McVeigh.

    What bothers me is that this looks like a case of deliberate baiting of such individuals–the publication of home addresses could not have any legitimate reason. I’m sure that if it had been a kid instead of a cat, the radio station that spouted the address would have been shocked, SHOCKED! that such a terrible thing happened, and blame it on a lack of prayer in schools.

    • Blue Duck says

      Dave Neiwert, a journalist who has written some books and writes for Crooks & Liars, has written extensively about what he calls ‘elminationist rhetoric’. Basically, you have righties who keep broadcasting or writing things that dehumanize their political opponents. And there is a percentage of listeners who, fed a steady diet of this, believe this gives them a license to hurt their opponents.

      Sounds like that is exactly what happened in this instance. The father of the incumbent Republican candidate (Womack) owns a radio station and has gone so far as to broadcast names and addresses of people working for the Democratic candidate (Aden) with warnings like ‘watch your back’. With crap like that going on, it was inevitable that some unstable listener would take that as a license to do something violent. If Womack Sr doesn’t stop this crap, what’s next – this time a cat was killed. But it sure as hell raises the possibility that next time, it’ll be a human being as the target of violence.

  12. Gazza says

    People are jumping to the conclusion that the perpetrator of this obscenity is a Christian. Maybe yes, maybe no but the perfect punishment for this Depraved individual would be the ancient Roman method of dealing with problem Christians: Feed em to the lions. I am sure they would gladly administer justice for their fellow feline.

    • says

      You bring up a good point, we don’t know anything about who did this and should not assume too much. It is possible, however unlikely, that an atheist democrat did this to rile up controversy. Assumptions can be dangerous. My take away was that this is sad and should be looked into but, we need more information to conclude the reasons behind this event.

      • says

        It is possible, however unlikely, that an atheist democrat did this to rile up controversy.

        Though that would be unlikely. Just by population, if not ideology.

  13. Johnny Vector says

    Indeed, one never knows who is responsible for the death of any given cat. See, for example, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, by Martin McDonagh. Actually a highly appropriate play to illuminate this sort of violence, especially if produced with the appropriate… Well, I don’t want to spoil it. Anyway, it’s what came into my head at this story. Of course I have a cat named after the main cat in the play, so it’s possible I’m a McDonagh groupie.

  14. roggg says

    So Womack denounces this act of violence, but it’s his dad’s radio station that is giving out the address and making thinly veiled threats. What did he think was going to happen? This is exactly the point of publishing the addresses on the radio. To encourage the public to engage in intimidation. Disgusting.

  15. StevoR says

    What the.. !?! I ..just .. don’t have words.

    That is just so appalling and messed up. Inadequate to say.

    Condolences to the family of Jake Burris.

    Hope the perpetrator of this act of cruelty and low grade cowardly, despicable political terrorism is caught and jailed for a good long spell.

  16. Faithless says

    Where I live, whoever did this could face up to three years in jail. Actually, I don’t think that’s too harsh…

  17. says

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