We Are All Evil Little Things

Support Jessica Ahlquist’s college fund and get a sweet T-Shirt.

Since the completely predictable and unavoidable judicial order removing the prayer banner at Cranston High, Jessica Ahlquist has been on the receiving end of an awful lot of harassment. So let’s show some solidarity with Jessica and declare that like her, we are all “Evil Little Things” by buying an awesome T-shirt (or two).


Each T-shirt will see all profits go to Jessica’s college fund.

Props go to JT Eberhard for starting the ball rolling on this process, Jennifer Frederick of Phire Branded Apparel and Graphics, and Hemant Mehta for establishing Jessica’s fund.


  1. Aliasalpha says

    I’m not sure I could ever wear a shirt with the word little on it, do they have one that says “Evil Fucking Enormous Thing”?

    • MFHeadcase, not frothing, its just toothpaste. says

      All have the same phrasing it seems, but come in up to 4XL depending on style, so you can just enjoy the irony with it as well.

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