Sen. John Thune Asserts that Millionaire Mitt Romney is not One of the 1%

And neither is Michael Moore… 😉

It is very telling in how prominent political figures of all persuasions are shying away from being labeled as wealthy even as they push policies geared to support the rich. If nothing else, OWS has at leased made us all take note of the ever increasing income inequality in America.

As OWS shifts towards the Republican primary, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have to work hard to avoid the bad optics and press that encounters with the Occupy movement tend to create.

After a Occupy protest of Mitt Romney’s recent campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa, his high profile supports have rushed to mitigate the damage.

When asked point black if Mitt was part of the 1%, Republican Senator John Thune denied and then sidestepped with the grace of a dodo as he fumbled around some talking points.

KEYES: Do you think there is any merit, they’re charging that he’s of the corporate 1 percent?

THUNE: No. I think that this is somebody, if I’m somebody in this country who is worried about my job or is looking for a job, I want somebody out there who knows how to create jobs. […] Obviously tonight these are people who are going to protest, that’s fine. That’s a democracy, we welcome that. I thought he handled it well.

KEYES: The charges are off-base though?

THUNE: They are. I think it’s all what you’d expect from a campaign like this. The other side’s got their people out there. I’m very happy with where his campaign is, with how he’s addressing the issues, and what I think he can do to get people back to work.

At least the Republican field knows that the Occupy movement can cause an image problem and worse, people are paying attention.

(Source: Think Progress)


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    Thune’s replies to Keyes are perfect examples of not actually saying anything while saying it at some length.

  2. unbound says

    Top 1% is something like $380,000 AGI. I’m pretty sure that Mittens is making at least that much each year.

  3. Phillip IV says

    At least the Republican field knows

    Or at least the Romney campaign, which is professionally organized and employing a small number of sane people. I wouldn’t state it with confidence regarding the rest of the field.

    I wonder how the Gingrich campaign will counter such questions. Perhaps something along the lines of: “No, at the moment Newt is not part of the 1%, but just wait until we’ve cashed in on all of the exposure and the addresses we’ve gathered during the campaign…”

  4. says

    I know this is a “No TRUE Scottsman” fallacy, but Thune was on MSNBC last night and said “premature,” but he said it with a “t” sound instead of the “ch” sound like most South Dakotans would. Still, it got me thinking…I don’t know how rich Thune is (though I’m pretty sure he’s a big corporate sell-out), but I am now suspicious that he may have his own problems of being associated with the 1% to worry about.

  5. rpsms says

    The question was *corporate 1%*, whatever that might mean. It is arguably different than “the 1%”

  6. Art says

    Given that the upper 1% is a well defined dollar amount, and given that any given income level will be below, at, or above that dollar amount it is pretty much an easy thing to define. Then again there is Schrodinger’s cat that is, for conceptual purposes, both living and dead. Which answers a long standing question; the cat is named “Mittens”.

  7. aspidoscelis says

    Leo Buzalsky:

    Thune was on MSNBC last night and said “premature,” but he said it with a “t” sound instead of the “ch” sound like most South Dakotans would.

    [citation needed]

    I’m not sure how South Dakotans pronounce “premature” (or anything else, really). Maybe you’re from South Dakota, I don’t know… either way, you’ve made me mildly curious about how people talk in SD. Seems like it’d have to be somewhere near the dividing line between the Minnesotan “Yah, we just came from Scandinavia” dialect and mid-American standard American English (the hopelessly boring dialect newscasters tend to adopt).

  8. Alison S says

    Romney knows how to get rid of jobs, not create them. Ask all those thrown out of work by Bain. He got filthy rich by depriving his fellow Americans of their jobs. Now he wants to be trusted on the unemployment problem. Really?

    It is not surprising he would refuse to release his tax returns. People would see just how obscene his income is and how little he pays in taxes.

  9. Orlando says

    MItt has his own 99.9 plan. Tax 99.9% of the country and lower taxes on the .1% (a group he easily falls into). His retirement salary from Bain is like 10 mil a year, and that doesn’t count his other income streams from dividends, etc. He is literally one of richest men in the country. And he comes from a multi-millionaire family, and was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth.

  10. says

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