Minister in Chief

Religion Dispatches has a great article about Bryan Fisher and how he thinks that the President’s first responsibility is to be a Minister of the holy gospels. Go read it here.

Fischer uses this passage, along with verse 6, to prove that “One who holds public office is serving in a divinely ordained role, just as much as a pastor in the pulpit. The role of a statesman is every bit as sacred as that of a clergyman.”

Indeed, he goes on to use this assertion as a bludgeon against Newt Gingrich—without ever naming him. Following this “logic” that since all politicians are really members of the clergy, Fischer pulls out the requirements for a pastor in 1 Timothy to bolster his slam on Gingrich.

(Source: Religion Dispatches)


  1. unbound says

    Because having divinely ordained kings in the past worked out so well for the general population…

  2. Aliasalpha says

    Maybe if he moved to a country that has a prime minister, he’d have at least the word minister to work with

    Hang on wait, Australia has a prime minister… Fuck, keep him!

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