The Dark Side

Assassin Actual gets snagged by another MMO.

Well crap, After a long unrequited love affair with World of Warcraft I thought I was done with Massive Multiplayer games. But Star Wars: The Old Republic has snagged me with a force grip choke-hold. So until my upcoming stint at the National Training Center, an unhealthy chunk of my free time will be spent as the gunslinging smuggler Ciev on the Jung Ma server.

If you have the game, feel free to come over to the Republic fleet and look for me in one of the seeder dive bars as I search for the next big score and a freighter load of credits…

Man, I am such a nerd.


    • Digital_Viking says

      Vrook Lamar is my server as well – I’ve enjoyed the community a lot there. Really getting into my trooper – with the big gun and muscles, it’s like I was in the Corps again 😉

      I’ve alted it up on a gunslinger and Jedi Knight as well – the gunslinger is a blast with the smart ass responses and questionable morality. Plus 2 guns!

      Plus Maelstrom Prison flashpoint is the best reveal a loregeek like me could ever ask for.

  1. Aliasalpha says

    Gunslingers are awesome, especially a certain 37th level mirialan lass called Suni with her sweet overcoat of awesome and blasters of super-death +5. So many cool ways to damage and kill peope, one important thing, no matter how powerful an enemy is in the dark side, they’re never immune to a kick in the bollocks. Even if they don’t HAVE bollocks, thats how good that kick is!

    I just finished Act 1 today, really good climax and the start of act 2 is just as exciting. Had an interesting spot of foreshadowing for how the smuggler story might end too, looking forward to seeing if I’m right

  2. pyrobryan says

    I played the beta of TOR for a while. I even put in a preorder for the game. However, after finally breaking the wow addiction after 6 long years, I wasn’t ready to get back in to another MMO. As with most MMO’s (that aren’t wow), I have a reasonable assumption that it will go F2P within 6-12 months. I’ll probably start playing then.

    I loved playing Bounty Hunter. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO. I don’t know if they tweaked the sith inquisitor, but they were pretty awesome (aka OP). They kind of sucked before you get your advanced class, but a sorcerer was pretty darn powerful.

    Anyway, fun game, maybe I’ll see you on the battlefield one day.

  3. sumdum says

    It seems the jedi suffer from the emotionless vulcan syndrome. And sith seem to be a ball of contradictions. Loyalty and betrayal equally present among them, it’s seriously confusing.

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