What’s Left for North Korea

An economy in shatters, a broken people, a dim future, Planet Money reports.

One of the best little groups working for NPR  is Planet Money and they have done a nice piece on just how completely Kim Jong Il screwed his people over with his pants-on-head retarded lust for “power”.

Read the full article at : Drug Dealing, Counterfeiting, Smuggling: How North Korea Makes Money. Or watch the podcast.

(Source: Planet Money)


  1. Nomen Nescio says

    bets on how long before somebody in power in NK faces reality and accepts Chinese help in return for concessions? because i’m thinking a future as an overt Chinese client state might be their best hope for stability and something like reforms, at this point. the stability, at least, might be welcomed by both Beijing and Seoul, not to mention the average north korean.

      • Garrett says

        Wait, what? China is already helping them. SK sends them food, China sends them everything else. And China doesn’t want to take over, because then they’d have all those refugees to deal with.

      • Steve says

        Keeping his flag officers’ loyalty is certainly of paramount importance, given that the military — not the communist party — controls the country. But the problem Kim III will have is that the old generals and admirals owe their position and power to a dead man. For the son to really shore-up his support among the senior ranks, he will need to retire more than a few of the Old Guard.

    • says

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