Congress Sets Record

The new gold standard in disdain.

Congress’ approval rating has sunk to a new all-time record low, with just 11% of Americans approving of the job our elected legislature is doing. Which means Congress’ supporters have dwindled down to blood relatives and their favorite lobbyists, thankfully for the congressmen and women there are so many lobbyists working in D.C. these days that their approval ratings can’t possibly get much lower.

(Source: Gallup)


  1. Cuttlefish says

    A local state rep here wrote an opinion piece stating that Obama’s approval numbers are so low, it virtually assures that the Republican nominee will be elected. What he failed to note is that the approval ratings of the candidates are also in the gutter.

    I’m trying to think of the last group that actually gets positive numbers overall… and I can’t come up with anyone.

  2. Art says

    Sometimes government reminds me of an old car a friend sold me for $100, about what he would get as scrap. He claimed the car was a lemon and never was worth anything. I invested a couple hundred dollars in parts and spun wrenches on it over a three day weekend and it was my old reliable workhorse for eight years of hard use. All it needed was a little adjustment, a few select parts, and some TLC.

    Congress is pretty much universally loathed because it can’t/won’t do anything that might prove government can work for the good of the people. The GOP adherence to their dogma that government doesn’t work means they are ideologically driven to make sure it doesn’t work for the good of the people.

    Drop the percentage of GOP, and their ilk, to below 20% and congress will start to function and government can start addressing the many problems we face. This small adjustment will restore function and confidence.

  3. macallan says

    Is it that interracial transexed love affair between Miss Piggy and Kermit?

    Or Gonzo and that chicken? Didn’t they even have offspring at some point?

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