Last Flight Out

The last American Military forces* depart Iraq.

December 17th marked the last flight and convoy of American military forces leaving Iraq, marking the end to kinetic military action in America’s foreseeable relationship with Iraq.

It also brings the somber news of the last KIA of an American Soldier in the war, Spec. David Emanuel Hickman was killed on 14 November by an IED in Baghdad, marking the 4,474th name to be added to the war memorial in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Over a dozen blast walls bear the hand painted names of American KIA's from Iraq. The memorial remains at the Dept of State facility in Kirkuk.

“it’s crazy that he died,” said a close friend to Hickman, “No matter your position on this war — if you’re for or against it — I think everybody thinks we shouldn’t have been over there anymore.”

*Some Soldiers will remain in country as embassy security.


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