Birthers: If You Can’t Make a Story, Fabricate It

WND reports on Birther banner as if they didn’t do it, then reports on people reporting WND’s reports about the banner reportedly flown by WND.

WND has pulled out all the stops while trying to keep the myth of Obama being a foreign national alive. Their latest attempt was to fly a banner (pictured below) over Arlington’s Cowboys Stadium during a football game. I think their intention was to squeeze the last drops of controversy from the zombie lie. Sadly for WND, no major media outlet paid the banner much mind.

But that won’t stop WND. The website soon penned an article about the banner and wrote it in such a way as to not give themselves credit. Only the picture itself and a quote from Joseph Farah tied the handiwork of WND to WND itself.

I will take a lesson from WND’s style of journalism. Next time something I want to write about fails to happen, I will just spend a ton of money to make that event occur so I can write about how wondrous things must be for that event to have happened.

WND did a noble piece of investigative journalism without having to bother with the tedious investigating. It’s easier than ordering fast food. Manufactured news is manufactured.


  1. Ned Champlain says

    HMMM if they still think Obama wasn’t born here, they must know Willard Romney is an anchor baby, seeing that his father was born in Mexico.

  2. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    The birthers are too chickenshit to admit their real objections to Obama are (1) he’s not a Teabagger and (b) he’s Black. So instead they pretend he wasn’t born in the US.

    • papango says

      I feel like there’s a couple of very confused people at WND not understanding why this isn’t working. They’re clearly letting us know he’s black, and yet we (the sane rational world) don’t seem to be getting the message. It must be baffling.

      • d cwilson says

        They have a very effective reality-filter over there. They only listen to those who tell them, “Yeah! Keep it up! Let’s get that Moos-Lum out of our White House!” Since that’s the only message that gets through their filter, they’ve convinced themselves that it’s actually working.

  3. says

    You shouldn’t be mocking the WND. They have such literary and journalistic giants such as Chuck Norris, Vox Day, Pat Boone and Victoria Jackson. These people are deep thinkers, and the prose is only equaled by William Shakespeare. While the birthers and anti-vax’ers there might be only one function brain cell, it is a stupendous-brilliant-super-intelligence-of-the-interwebs brain cell.

    Prayer to the buffalo riders.

  4. says

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