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Glen Beck Freaks Out Over South Korean Skyscraper

Because everything in the world must revolve around Beck and the United States, no exceptions.

On my morning drive to work, I put down my book on tape on my trusty Kindle and decided to tune in to the Glen Beck radio show. Amid selling GBTV and yet another stadium public performance, I could tell that the radio host was a bit more touchy than normal. He was pissed and the target was South Korea. His rage was so pure that he was demanding that the U.S. pull all of our troops out of the country immediately. Why? Because one of the S. Korea’s planned skyscrapers made him think of 9/11.

Ok, upon looking at the picture through the permanent lens of an American who watched the event unfold, I can see the resemblance. The building pictured below consists of a pair of WTC’ish towers linked at the middle by a mushrooming collection of shops and penthouse. So yes, it kind of looks the two towers with a tumor connecting them half way up but, the resemblance ends there.

(image from MVRDV)

The towers were never hit, nor fell in a manner that leads me to believe that the design is anything but the end result of architectural or ergonomic calculations to create an open green space high above the hustle and bustle of the streets bellows.

In the same segment, Glen was also attacking the Freedom of Religion Foundation for going after yet another nativity scene on public property in yet another small Texas town. His argument was that if the scene was offensive, atheists should just look away and ignore it. But avoiding double standards is not one of Beck’s strong points.

The demand that we pull out of South Korea is ludicrous from the perspective of the American political machine. The State department has announced that the next century of geo politics will revolve around the Pacific Rim, so no; the American empire is not going to cede a vital strategic location because of a building. The only result so far of this conservative rage was a press release from the backers of the skyscraper which basically said that they didn’t mean to make it look like 9/11 but conceded that it kind of does and offered an apology. They said the design was not intentional or intended to offend but, if the building does inflame Beck’s sensitivities, he could always just choose to ignore it.

(Source: The Blaze)