OWS Starts to Shift the Democratic Message

Former Super Committee co-chair attempts to dispel the GOP’s “Job Creator” myth.

It’s good to see that Occupy Wall Street has done what protest movements need to do, shift the discussion within our society to focus on uncomfortable truths that were previously ignored by politics and the mass media. Before OWS in the republican sphere, you couldn’t even call the rich “rich” anymore, today they are “job creators” (after extensive control group testing of the phrase). And the moniker has mostly been unchallenged by democrats, leaving the top 1% of Americas to receive remarkably tax rates lower than the middle class. Because the majority of the populous is deceived into believing that any tax increases amongst the super-wealthy will cause either an upturn in unemployment or the vengeful “job creators” to pull out of the American economy in protest this meme replicates in ernest. Never mind that history shows this to be untrue, since perception is more important than reality most of the time.

But armed with popular support generated by the OWS movement and despite attempts at repression by more conservative governmental officials, Senator Patty Murray is ready to take a stand and challenge the 1% and their job creating myth.

“Republicans seem to be operating under the backwards economic principle that only tax cuts for the richest Americans and biggest corporations are worth fighting for,” the remarks read. “In fact, they have a name for this group of people: they call them ‘job creators.’ They believe the only ones who create jobs in America are the rich—and they claim that the tax cuts and loopholes they fight for that benefit the wealthy will somehow trickle down to ordinary families. Mr. President—we know this is wrong. We know this Republican economic policy has failed us. It was this kind of thinking that turned a surplus in into a deficit, that brought the economy to its knees, that failed the middle class—and that allowed the wealthiest Americans to amass record fortunes paying the lowest tax rates in decades.”

Maybe other democrats will follow Murray and actually combat the rebulican echo chamber.

(Source: TPM)




  1. Timberwoof says

    It’s about time the Democrats called out the Republican economic bullshit. The Ds have been playing “nice” for too long and without any results other than giving away half the store before the negotiations even begin. The numbers are out there on web sites left and right. Is it too hard to say, “No, the rich don’t actually create jobs during economic hard times; they save their money. The only other player is the government. Just as we ended the Great Depression, we can stimulate the economy more effectively than the rich. …”?

  2. says

    Job creators? Still sounds bad. Why not just call them “greedy bastards”? Which is what they are, but of course, the rich may take offense at this too. I don’t think Bill Gates, after all the donating he has done for charities, plus supposedly wants to pay his fair share of taxes, and all, will care for this much.

  3. unbound says

    “Never mind that history shows this to be untrue…”

    What I’m still floored about at this point is that every mid-level manager and above in corporate America knows that functionally it is not true either. You don’t have to go back in history to show that it doesn’t work that way, you simply have to point out that people are never hired or fired based on the minimal impact taxes have on the C-level executives or the corporation itself.

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