What Ever Happened to Kirkuk

A key Iraqi city teeters on the edge after I (and the rest of the military) left.

I won’t comment on this very much as too many of my friends, Iraqi and American, died in and about our base. But CNN has a nice article on the second most important city in the country (politically speaking) where the Kurds and Arabs clash under the meddling eye of Iran. I have my fingers crossed that Iraqi won’t be a repeat of Vietnamization because if Iraq disintegrates, my money is that it will start in Kirkuk.

(Source: CNN)



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    I totally agree with you. The Iraqis have had years to settle the Kirkuk issue, and they chose to kick that can down the road. It’s too late to resolve the matter without bloodshed.

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    Another artifact of the Saddam-era made worse by a government attempting to simultaneously quell multiple insurgencies while trying to shore up its own power-base.

    Saddam wasn’t stupid. He knew fully well that if he kept each of the factions within Iraq fearful of each other that they wouldn’t be as able to challenge him. Kirkuk had the added advantage of securing a lucrative supply of oil.

    When I was in country (2008-2009) I was in the south, by al Hillah. the Iraqi military commanders down there were largely Shia, and what was interesting was that they weren’t (obviously) concerned about any Sunnis that may have been in the area (they were mostly up by Iskandaria), but rather the Kurds. The company commander I worked with was VERY interested in getting his men ready in case things boiled over between Kurdistan and Iraq-proper.

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