Fantastic Five

Bob Beckle is Awesome.

On the most recent edition of The Five, Eric Bolling was doing his very best to link Herman Cain’s recent revelations of sexual indiscretions to be nothing more than an attack by the Democratic organization. Fellow panel member and sole liberal on the show, Bob Beckle, was having none of it.

 “For you to suggest for a minute that the Democrats are the ones behind the taking apart of conservatives is just outrageous! The fact of the matter is I was — I have defended Herman Cain for the last week — I do not now after he made these allegation[s] about the Democratic organization that is behind this. Herman, it’s not us, it’s Republicans doing it to you!” – Beckle [Read more…]

Right-Wing Facebook “Themis” Looms

So you will never have to see dissenting ideas ever again.

Most of my readers will be familiar with Conservapedia, the ultra-right online encyclopedia created when Wikipedia was deemed to be overrun with reality’s “liberal bias.” Now the Koch brothers have announced their intent to set up a social networking site for like minded individuals. On the face of the issue, I don’t have any problems with yet another wingnut website being established. It will be yet another place to troll in search of my nightly blog fodder.

But this speaks to a deeper issue now becoming more prevalent on the internet; people are having almost all popular services served to them by ideologically safe alternatives. [Read more…]

Sick Day

Ughh, I am down with the sickness. Only the two short articles above today. Also I am preping to fly to another location in the not so distant future, the blog might be sparse this week.

P.M.C. Blackwater Has a Game

You too can pretend to be a pretend Soldier with no respect for the Laws of War.

Blackwater. The name brings out mixed feelings within the military. Some love the high paying career field as a professional mercenary, I mean “contractor.” But a lot of us hate them with a passion. Not only do contractors get paid several times more in a few months that we get paid all year, they are a thorn in our side when we trying to win the key terrain of the counter-insurgency fight, the human terrain.

They obey no military chain of command, except for the vague stipulations in their contracts with various governments. They flaunt their legal immunity to prosecution. And they had a notorious reputation for extreme violence even in situations that don’t warrant it. They are, in my leftist bias, the ultimate evil of corporate oligarchies. These are the types of people who wipe villages off maps so that someone in a suit somewhere can get his next building project done without negative media. And now they have their own video game and our only consolation is that it is mediocre at best. [Read more…]

Another Douchebag Florida Lawyer

First it was Jack Thompson now Larry Klaymen.

The founder of the conservative watch group, Judicial Watch, is now on the verge of getting his privilege to practice revoked in a second state. The Florida Bar has released a public reprimand to Klayman for failing to provide services that he was paid for…in advance… to the tune of $25,000.

The right wing activist is perhaps best known for repeatedly calling President Obama the “Mullah in Chief”, suing Hillary Clinton, arguing a slander case against Rachel Maddow, and suing HIS OWN MOTHER. He also sued Judicial Watch after he left that organization. It now appears he had a good reason for those frivolous lawsuits, he is broke. [Read more…]

Crockett Keller Doubles Down and Anon Update

Muslims “have sworn the annihilation of the United States.”

The Texas gun instructor Crockett Keller had given another interview. The stupid burns too hot for me to write anything more on this lest my head starts smashing against the keyboard until I get yet another concussion. Think Progress has the story.

[Read more…]


Spent all day packing stuff into containers, so SSSD in effect untill I get some shut eye. I’ll try to toss an article or two up by afternoon(ish) in America.

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