Good News, Bad News

Bad news first, internet at the port was non-existent.

Good news, I fly home on the 28th!! So posts, (and my normal life) will resume around the 30th. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!


  1. says

    Sorry you didn’t have a good time in Kuwait. It’s not such a bad place.

    If anyone remembers the South Park episode where Jimbo and Ned reminisce about Vietnam and describe funfair rides?

    Camp Doha is set right next to a theme park. I used to tell people that the reason the camp was situated there was for the rather cool roller coaster.

  2. geocatherder says

    Here’s your first, albeit digital, hug for coming home — since we’ll probably never meet in real life. ((((HUG))))

    Safe trip. Hope you’re greeted warmly. You deserve it.


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