Off to Port

So Kuwait is overloaded with Soldiers. So many that the handful of wireless routers on this camp are overloaded and webpages load at paint drying speed. Even logging on FtB takes a good twenty minutes.

The slow internet has me tearing my hair out (if I had hair long enough to tear out), so I am going to take a break for the next week until I head down south to the port. From what I hear there will be some extra bandwidth there and not so many thousands of people to hog it all. I am a digital person and without my intertubes I am withering.

Till then, I am gonna catch up on all the shows I missed over the last few months and enjoy sleeping in conditions that the Department of Corrections considers cruel and unusual punishment. Damn, I hate that I love my job!


  1. F says

    I hope your shows keep you occupied until you hit port. Stay cool in your lovely living conditions, bro. Take care.

  2. Paul Weaver says

    Wireless speed wasn’t any faster when I came through there on leave from A-stan in 2010 – some of those camps were permanently overcrowded.

  3. says

    Are you not allowed to go out on the town? Kuwait is actually pretty fun if you can get out (and don’t mind the vague prudishness). There are a couple of cool places out there (Failaka Islands has some great snorkel sites, the reefs have recovered a lot since the first gulf war). Not to mention the food is rather nice if you like lamb and mutton.

    And besides, if you are at Camp Doha, you can probably make a trip to the theme park too or the beach.

    I figure you can also get better internet without than within.

  4. Paul Weaver says

    No, the “inmates” in transition aren’t allowed off the camps at all – unlike the folks who for so long received combat pay to be on “permanent party” tours, who were allowed off camp on a regular basis.

  5. BGT says

    Get some rest, and enjoy your downtime.

    Even us evil corporate types need some rest, and you deserve yours more than mine.

    Take care and stay sane.

  6. says

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