The Art of War

Website collects pictures, port-a-john scrawls, and art from a decade of war.

Every war has its art. Farewells to friends, celebrations of victory, escapes from reality, and bitching about the boss are common subjects. Art in war is a coping mechanism, a way to express feelings that are difficult to talk about in the American warrior caste. Graffiti of War, is a project to preserve some of my generations conflict art, works by American Soldiers and civilians, Coalition partners, and the citizens and Soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The project is looking for additional submissions from the greater public of Vets and contractors to document a decade of armed conflict so that those works might reengage an often distracted public citizenry. The next showing of the collection will be in Montgomery New York in February.

They also have a cool Youtube video to promote the project.

But here is just a sample of the images that have been collected so far.


  1. wat says

    Needs moar shitter art. I wish I had taken some pictures of the epic “murals” coating every surface in the little shacks and shanties my unit occupied. There was also a porn collage pasted to the wall.

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